How to update MyASUS?

Applicable Products: Notebook, Desktop, All-in-One PC, Gaming Handheld


If a new version of MyASUS is strongly suggest to update, you will find the update notice after enabling MyASUS. (As shown below)

Click 「Confirm」 and the newer version will be updated automatically.


If a newer version is available and optional to update, the MyASUS app will be updated silently when the system is not busy.

Note: This may need to enable auto-update from the Microsoft Store page.

  1. Type and search [Microsoft Store] in the Windows search bar, then click [Open]. (The left-side illustration below is in Windows 11, and the right-side is Windows 10.) 
  2. Click at the top right.
  3. Choose [Settings].
  4. Turn on [App updates]


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