[Gaming NB] Armoury Crate - GameVisual Introduction

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GameVisual Introduction

Model Supported

System Prerequisites

Application Install& Uninstall

GameVisual Setting

Color Calibration



1. GameVisual Introduction

GameVisual is a screen color management tool that provides a variety of screen color scenarios to bring players the best personal visual experience.


2. Model Supported

Supports ROG and TUF series Gaming laptop, and equipped with ASUS System Control Interface V2 or above version.

*The feature can only support Laptop built-in display.


3. System Prerequisites

The GameVisual utility has been integrated into the Armoury Crate application. Users need to configure the GameVisual settings through the Armoury Crate application.

Supported Version: Armoury Crate application version must be higher than V2.7.13 above, and equipped with ASUS System Control Interface V2 or above version.

*Please refer to Link for more details about Armoury Crate Introduction.


4. Application Install& Uninstall

How to get and install Armoury Crate,please refer to ASUS official website

How to uninstall Armoury Crate,please refer to ASUS official website


5. GameVisual Setting

5-1 How to start GameVisual

Please type and search [ARMOURY CRATE] in the Windows Search Box, and then click on [Open].


In Armoury Crate homepage, selecting [GameVisual]and you will enter GameVisual setting page.


5-2 GameVisual Setting Page

Color Gamut: Gamer can follow their own preference to select Color Gamut to apply.

OSD switch: When turn on, an OSD will show the current GameVisual mode after each system reboot. 

GameVisual*: To provide a variety of screen color scenarios for gamer can follow their own preference to select in time.


*GameVisual screen color scenarios

Default: Provides the best viewing experiences for browsing photos, graphics and the Internet.

Racing: Fine-tuned for the fast moving gaming applications.

Scenery: By tweaking on the brightness range, the contrast gradations and tuning color saturation for greener land and bluer sea. Scenery mode is the best choice for looking through the scenery photo.

RTS/RPG: It enhances the sharpness and color performance for the best gaming scenes. This is the best choice for Real-Time Strategy and Role-Playing Game.

FPS (First Person Shooter): Enhance your visibility even in the dark scenes so you are able to gain the advantage over your enemies. This is the best choice for First Person Shooter game playing.

Cinema: Enhance the contrast and color saturation of the image. It also delivers more vivid visuals. This is the best choice for video watching.

Eyecare: Change the Gamma、Saturation and Hue to reduce the amount of Blue light to avoid the potential for retinal injury.

Vivid: Gain the color saturation and brightness when Vivid mode is activated.

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6 Color Calibration

Through GameVisual Color Calibration and color calibrator, it can provide gamers for a basic calibration with high level of color accuracy on ROG gaming laptop screen.

The Color Calibration function can support calibrator (X-Rite i1Display Pro、Display Plus HL、Display Pro HL、ClolorChecker Display Plus、ColorChecker Pro). Please refer to X-Rite website for more information. Reference about i1Display Pro Overview& VideoSupport and User Guides.


6-1 Launch Color Calibration

In Armoury Crate homepage, selecting [GameVisual] and then [Color Calibration] get into operation page.


6-2 Advance Preparation

At Color Calibration homepage, the system will automatically check all Advance Preparation items before start calibration. When the condition is met, a white check mark is displayed, and a red exclamation mark will appear for items that do not meet the requirements. If there is a red exclamation mark in Advance Preparation, please refer to Q&A 4.


6-3 Start Color Calibration

Please confirm all Advance Preparation are with the white check mark , and then you are allowed to click [Start Calibration].


Connect calibrator to your laptop's USB port, and then click [Next].


Please follow the instruction to turn on the measuring lens of the color calibrator and place it tightly in the red circle on the screen, and click [Next] to start color calibration.


During color calibration, the screen will continue to change colors and flashing. After completion, the color calibration result will be showed in Color Calibration Report.


6-4 Color Calibration Report

Color Calibration Report: Through the color calibration report, gamers can review the calibration result.

Show Pattern: Clicking [Show Pattern], gamers can look through the image to see the difference between Before and After correction on display.

Export Report: Clicking [Export Report] to export and save the calibration result file.

Apply: Clicking [Apply] to apply the current calibration result.

Close: Back to the Color Calibration homepage.

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7. Q&A

Q1: What is Color Temperature?

A1: Color temperature is a phenomenon that describes light's temperature changing, and the light's color will also change accordingly.  It can also be simply understood as "the change in color temperature of light". The user can change the color temperature through the setting bar in the page below.

* Except Eyecare mode, you can fine-tune the screen Color Temperature for each screen color mode.


Q2: Can I install GameVisual individually?

A2: Once your device is with ASUS system control interface V2 installed, the GameVisual utility will be integrated into the Armoury Crate application, and you can install and setup GameVisual through Armoury Crate application only.


Q3: How can I use Keyboard shortcuts to switch GameVisual mode?

A3: Gamers can use to switch GameVisual mode.

*The feature doesn't support ASUS TUF Gaming series products. 


Q4: How should I do when Advance Preparation appears a red exclamation mark ?


*The latest (proper) version of ASUS System Control Interface V2: Please update the latest ASUS System Control Interface V2 version, and refer to [How to check and update the version of MyASUS and ASUS System Control Interface].

*Existing factory default calibration file: It is a factory default. If there is a red exclamation mark appears, please contact ASUS service center for support.

*Existing factory default ICM file: It is a factory default. If there is a red exclamation mark appears, please contact ASUS service center for support.

*Connect your device to the DC power supply: Please check whether your device connect DC power supply, or refer to [Laptop Frequently Asked Question].

*Disconnect any external displays from your laptop: Please check whether disconnect all external displays from your laptop.


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