[Motherboard] How to enable “power on by PS/2 keyboard” via BIOS setting

First of all,the keyboard must support power on by keyboard, it must be the PS/2 keyboard!!

Memo:(1)ASUS BIOS can't support power on by USB keyboard!

             (2)If not connect PS2 keyboard, you can't see the option of power on by keyboard!

The steps are below:

1. Press 'Del' or 'F2' in the keyboard after power on, enter into Advanced Mode:

Ordinary motherboard is defaulted to EZ Mode, need press 'F7' to enter into Advance Mode; ROG series motherboard is defaulted to Advanced Mode

2.  Click [Advanced] - [APM Configuration]

3. Find [Power On By PS/2 Keyboard]

4.  The option is defaulted as [Disabled],you can see four modes in the drop-down list: [Disabled]、[Space Bar]、[Ctrl+Esc]、[Power Key],please set the mode that you want to power up