[Motherboard] How to remove AMD CPU Fan Cooler and CPU

Please follow below steps to remove the AMD CPU cooler when replacing with a new unit or applying fresh thermal grease

Remove CPU cooler with retention brackets as example:

1. Shut down the system and remove the power cord. Disconnect the fan power cord from the CPU fan header on the motherboard and disconnect the RGB cable from CPU cooler Also, disconnect the RGB header on the motherboard if your CPU Cooler has attached it.

2. Gently pull the cam lever up to unlock the CPU cooler from the retention frame.

3. Release the retention clips on the side of the heatsink with the cam from the motherboard socket mounting lugs.

4. Lightly twist the CPU cooler clockwise and counter-clockwise to loosen the seal between the heatsink and the lid of the CPU.

5. Carefully lift the CPU cooler from the CPU. The CPU should remain installed in the socket after removing the CPU Cooler.

6. Please pull up the fixed lever to a 90° angle with the socket, and then remove the CPU, refer to the following picture