[Desktop Chassis] Customer Induced Damage (CID) criteria

ASUS does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of this Product. The warranty only covers technical hardware issues during the Warranty Period and in normal use conditions. If damage is caused by the following factors, warranty service will not be provided:
For more warranty information, please refer to the warranty policy provided on the ASUS product support page.


If damage is caused by the following scenarios (including but not limited to), your device will not be applicable for ASUS warranty service.
Note: The list below is not exhaustive, and the example images are for illustrative purposes only and are for reference only. For more information, please contact an ASUS authorized service center.


Outer Surface (Case) - Damage

Scratches on outer surface.

Cracks or breakage on the outer surface.


Glass panel damage

Cracking, scratching, or damaging of the glass panel.

I/O port damage

Breakage or detachment of the plastic flaps (tongue parts) on I/O ports.


Broken or bent pins on I/O ports.

Deformation, cracks, or breakage in the appearance of I/O ports.

Cable damage

Cable damage such as breakage, twisting or show abrasion or pressure marks.

Device is oxidized or rusted

Device is damaged or showed metal oxidation due to contact with liquids.