ASUS Sagaris GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Giocare in stile con una tastiera retroilluminata a 7 colori
  • Tasti con anelli in poliossimetilene (POM) per una maggiore durata
  • 23 tasti anti-ghosting
  • Canale di fuoriuscita dell'acqua
  • Selezionabili 7 tipi di retroilluminazione a colori con colore in modalità ciclica
  • 4 mm di escursione dei tasti per le battiture sensibili e reattive
  • 12 tasti di scelta rapida pratici per le app più comuni e blocco del menu Start
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The ASUS Sagaris GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard is a membrane keyboard with durable backlit keys. GK100 has a design that echoes that of the ASUS G11 gaming desktop, with red markings across the keyboard chassis.

Each key features a polyoxymethylene (POM) ring to reduce abrasion between the keycaps and the base of the housing. This special feature enhances durability, giving each key a 20-million-keystroke lifespan. Each key has 4mm of key travel for tactile, responsive keystrokes. Unlike most membrane keyboards, GK100 features anti-ghosting on 23 of the most commonly-used keys. And to keep things visually interesting, it also features a 7-color backlight with cycle mode.

  • Keycaps feature polyoxymethylene (POM) rings for enhanced durability

And if you happen to spill your drink over the keyboard, a special water flow channel ensures water is directed away from the rubber dome of the keys, exiting through two drainage holes underneath the keyboard.

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