Ottenere di più con massima flessibilità di input e wireless ad alta risoluzione
  • Veloce funzionamento wireless a 2,4 GHz
  • Input di precisione con risoluzioni 1000dpi / 1600dpi
  • Efficienza di risparmio energetico per un uso più lungo e più intelligente
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Get more done with hi-res wireless input flexibility

Subtle looks hold the secret to a full spectrum of mouse capabilities. Perfect for every application from productivity to gaming and for any PC from Ultrabooks to desktops, this wireless enabler gives you a neat product with numerous features. It uses smart power management to keep battery life extended, and can go up to 1600dpi precision – with switchable resolutions you control. The transceiver is extra-compact so you can leave it connected to your notebook PC and go, or tuck it into the mouse for even more space-saving convenience. Get your hands on the one mouse for all your needs!

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