Server Dual Intel® Xeon™ Flessibile

    ASUS® AP1710-S5 vi offre le prestazioni di un doppio processore Intel® Xeon™ abbinate ad una progettazione flessibile. AP1710-S5 è può fungere sia da server standalone così come può facilmente essere convertito in un server 5U rack, tutto secondo le vostre esigenze.
      Graphical, Versatile, Smart!

      AP1710-S5 Dual Intel® Xeon™ Stand alone
      5U Rack Mount Performance Server

      ASUS® AP1710-S5 delivers dual Intel® Xeon™ processors performance with flexible mechanical design. The AP1710-S5 can be either a standalone server or easily converted to a 5U rack mount server, depends on the customer's applications.

      High Performance
      Supports dual Intel® Xeon™ 3.06GHz CPUs
      Large System Memory Capacity
      Up to 4G registered ECC DDR memory
      Fastest Input /Output Capability
      1 x Gigabit LAN connection
      Dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI controller
      Flexible Application
      Standalone server or rack mount workstation
      Foot stand and roller wheels
      Hot-swap SCSI HDD Feature
      Supports 6 x Hot-swap HDDs
      Powerful Expansion
      4 x 64-bit/33MHz/3.3V PCI slots
      2 x 32-bit/33MHz/5V PCI slots
      High Reliability
      500W single power supply
      Optional 500W redundant power supply
      Optional rack mount kit
      ASUS Server Management Software
      Trend Micro™ ServerProtect anti-virus software