Server Flessibile per Doppio Processore Intel® Xeon™

    ASUS vi offre la più stabile ed affidabile soluzione per doppio processore Xeon. AP1720-I5 supporta FSB a 533MHz e due CPU Xeon DP 3.06Ghz ad un prezzo più che conveniente!!!!

      Fully Utilize Dual Xeon CPU Computing Power with the Most Economical

      ASUS provides the most stable and reliable dual Xeon solution. AP1720-I5 support system 533MHz front side bus and dual Xeon DP 3.06Ghz CPU with affordable price!!!!

      High Performance
      Supports dual Intel® Xeon™ 3.06GHz CPUs
      Large System Memory Capacity
      Up to 4G registered ECC DDR memory
      Fastest Input /Output Capability
      1 x Gigabit LAN connection
      Flexible Application
      Standalone server or rack mount workstation
      Foot stand and roller wheels
      High Capacity
      Supports 5 x IDE/SCSI HDD, over 900GB total capacity
      Powerful Expansion
      4 x 64-bit/33MHz/3.3V PCI slots
      2 x 32-bit/33MHz/5V PCI slots
      Optional rack mount kit
      ASUS Server Management Software
      TrendMicro™ ServerProtect anti-virus software