Processore: Dual Intel® Nocona™ con FSB 800 MHz Chipset: Intel® 82875P, Intel® 6300ESB ICH Memoria: Dual Channel PC3200 ECC Unbuffered fino a 4GB Espansioni: 2 x PCI , 2 x PCI-X Software Gestionale: ASWM2.0 Dimensioni: 12" x 9.8" ATX LAN Integrata: Intel®PRO /1000 CT Network Connection

    The NCCH-DL Wins "Best Choice of Computex Taipei 2004",

    the Measuring Stick of High-quality IT Solutions

    NCCH-DL Wins "Best Choice of Computex Taipei 2004"!

    The NCCH-DL is an innovative solution that unlocked the true potential of the Intel 875P chipset. Through superior engineering expertise, the NCCH-DL, based on the 875P chipset, supports a dual-Xeon (including the next-generation Nocona) architecture to deliver both workstation performance and affordability.

    The NCCH-DL offers 800MHz FSB and 1MB L2 cache, greatly enhancing the performance of dual-processor platforms. Combined with dual-channel DDR 400 support, the ASUS motherboard is ready for the most demanding applications.

    Specification summary:
    Processor: Dual Intel®Nocona™with 800FSB
    Chipset: Intel®82875P, Intel®6300ESB ICH
    Memory: Dual Channel PC3200 ECC or Non-ECC unbuffered up to 4GB
    Expansion: 2 x PCI , 2 x PCI-X
    Management Software: ASWM2.0
    Board size: 12" x 9.8" ATX
    On board LAN: Intel®PRO /1000 CT Network Connection

    *When implementing Xeon533FSB Tray CPU, 3rd party's cooler are suggested.

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