Il Più Espandibile Server Performance Xeon 1U

    RS160-E2 (CS3) è basato su piattaforma Intel dual Xeon con FSB 800MHz FSB. Grazie alla tecnologia EM64T,al sistema operativo a 64-bit, alle memorie ECC DDR2 e alla doppia porta PCI-Express Gigabit LAN, RS160-E2 (CS3) offre grandi prestazioni a tutti i livelli di utenza.

    Most Expandable 1U Performance Xeon Server

    RS160-E2 (CS3) is based on Intel dual Xeon TM 800MHz FSB processor platform. With support of EM64T technology, 64-bit OS, ECC DDR2 memory, and dual PCI-Express Gigabit LAN ports ready, RS160-E2 (CS3) delivers powerful functions for customers.

    Leading Performance Platform
    EM64T technology provides effective and painless way to enjoy 64bit computing performance
    DDR2-400 provides higher performance/bandwidth, and with more DIMM slots, there will be highly memory capacity to meet critical computing environment needs

    Reliable Data Integrity Protection by equipping 3 U320 SCSI
    SCSI remains enterprise storage mainstream
    Hotswap design lowers maintenance downtime
    HostRAID provides affordable RAID 0, 1 support, and there is also cost effective RAID5 upgrade

    Dual Server Class PCI-Express Gb LAN
    Broadcom PCI-Express Gb LAN provides most available / professional server network connection solution
    Teaming and failover function enables higher bandwidth aggregation and reliable network connection

    1U Server with 2 (+1) Expansion Slots:
    There are 1 full-length, full height PCI-X 133 slot, 1 low profile, half-height PCI-X 133 slot, and 1 SO-DIMM.
    Great expansion capability is reserved for 2 add-on-cards to meet different applications
    ZCR RAID 5 SODIMM card will NOT sacrifice PCI-X cards expansion capability

    Considerate Mechanical Designs & Tool-less, Thumbscrew Service Label
    Lower service downtime and save engineer's effort in system maintenance
    Provide easy and quick guidance for engineers

    Key Spec


    Intel® Xeon ™ (EM64T Xeon*2 800) up to 3.6GHz+


    NB: E7520 Bridge: PXH
    SB: Intel® ICH5R


    8 x Registered/ECC DDRII 400 DIMMs
    Maximum up to 16GB memory space


    PCI-X 64-bit/133MHz *2

    On-board Chip

    2x Broadcom BCM5721Gigabit Ethernet