Soluzione Top Performance per Server a Torre

    Supporto Tecnologia Dual Core e Windows Server 2003 x 64
    Massima Sicurezza per la protezione dei Dati
    Equipaggiato con Dual Server Class PCI-Express Gb LAN
    Progettazione Meccanica all'avanguardia

    Top-performance Entry Pedestal UP Server

    Support Latest Dual Core Technology and Windows Server 2003 x 64
    Dual Core will bring immediate CPU performance scale up while EM64T technology provides effective and painless way to enjoy 64-bit computing performance for mission critical applications.

    Provide Reliable & Affordable Data Protection
    RAID options are available for extra data integrity protection:
    Hot swap design lowers maintenance downtime
    HostRAID provides affordable RAID 0, 1, 1E
    PCI-X ZCR provides cost effective RAID 5 upgrade
    The RAID functions save at least 40% of cost for customers compared with those systems equipped with a SCSI RAID Card instead.

    Equipped with Dual Server Class PCI-Express Gb LAN
    Broadcom PCI-Express Gb LAN provides most available/professional server network connection solution
    Teaming & Failover function enables higher bandwidth aggregation and reliable network connection

    Considerate Mechanical Designs: Tool-less, Thumbscrew, Easy Rack, Service Label
    Lower service downtime and save engineer's effort in system maintenance
    Easy and quick guidance for engineers to maintain system

    Key Spec:


    Pentium D in the LGA775 Package on 90 nm


    Intel E7230 + PXH-V + Intel ICH7R


    Dual Channel ECC Unbuffered DDR2-533/667, 4 x DIMM slots support up to 8GB


    PCI-E x16 slot (x8 link)
    PCI-X 100MHz/64 bits 184P (support ZCR) (PCI-X 1.0a)
    PCI-X 100MHz/64 bits 184P (PCI-X 1.0a)
    PCI 33MHz/32 bits/5V 120P (PCI 2.3)

    On-board Chip

    Dual Broadcom® BCM5721KFB PCI-Express Gigabit controller

    System Dimension

    431mm * 220mm * 510mm