The ASUS AP1400R-T 1U form factor system delivers the requirements for an ideal server while keeping it within your budget, and most of all within your limited space. Designed to fit the industry-standard 19" server rack, the AP1400R-T optimizes rack space without trading off the flexibility, expandability, and performance you need.

      A Real Space Saver Packed With Lots Of Powerful Specifications
      Employing the 1U form factor technology, the ultra-thin AP1400R-T rack mount server eliminates large space requirements. Its trim yet robust chassis hosts an extended ATX motherboard complete with built-in I/O interfaces on the back panel. The AP1400R-T gives you a lot and supports just what you need. The AP1400R-T gives you onboard dual SCSI, dual LAN, and graphics controller; and supports dual Intel® Pentium® III Tualatin processors up to 1.4 GHz, 4GB ECC system memory, and a full-size 64-bit PCI card. Once fully configured, the AP1400R-T can stand side by side with the other powerful servers.

      Optimized Server Management
      Having the capability to support server operating systems (OS) like Windows® 2000/NT 4.0, Netware® 4.x/5.x, Linux® with HP® OpenView®, CA TNG Framework®, and Intel® LDSM®, the AP1400R-T system allows standardization and easy server management even when deploying multiple systems on remote sites. With the bundled ASUS Server Management software (ASMA + ASWM), monitoring of system temperature, power voltage, and component health status is significantly simple and less time consuming because the software helps quickly identify potential server problems. The AP1400R-T is also equips "Power Off" LED indicator on that make it easy to indicate the server which is power off in fron of so many 1U systems.

      All-In-One Internet Solution
      Aiming to meet the ISP/ASP market's increasing demand for high-performance rack mount solutions, the highly integrated AP1400R-T server allows multiple server configurations in various environments to support various ISP/ASP applications. The AP1400R-T can be easily configured as web, mail, proxy, firewall, or other front-end ISP server.

      Outstanding Cooling System
      The AP1400R-T server comes with cooling fans that comprise an intelligent thermal solution. A 4,000 rpm 9cm system blower with an extended tube points directly to the two CPUs to effectively circulate cool air on the processors, while a 4cm fan is attached to the power supply for additional ventilation. Two 8,000 rpm fans are strategically placed on a dividing bracket just behind the drive bays, with one fan devoted to the expansion card and one to the system memory area. Together, the blower and the fans decrease system temperatures to ensure stable operation and minimum downtime.

      Comprehensive Status Indicators
      On the center of the front panel are status LEDs that conveniently tell when a problem arises, be it about hard disks, fans, overheating, or system power. The LEDs make it easy to detect power or hard disk failures that can be critical and may require immediate attention.