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    Superior Scalability to Unleash the Real
    Potential of Intel E7520 Chipset

    Effective and painless way to enjoy 64bit computing performance
    Support dual EM64T Xeon processor

    Superb Network Performance with Server Connectivity
    Dual Brodcom® PCI-E GB LAN

    Complete RAID Support for ICH SATA port & Discrete SCSI/SATA Controller
    Built-in LSI Mega RAID STAT driver support for ICH5R, provide software RAID0,1,10 under Windows and major Linux distributions.
    Built in HostRAID driver for Adaptec AIC-7902, provide software RAID0,1,10
    Optional SO DIMM ZCR for cost effective hardware RAID 5 up grade.

    IPMO2.0 ready either online &offline management capability
    Optional Mini-PCI ASMB2 MBC board
    Support SOL, 128 bit MD5 authentic encryption, FRU data management, remote power on/off reset, remote BIOS reflash/modify.
    GUI-based ARC console as ASMB2 centralized management interface.
    ASBM 2.0 provide online web-based interface for server management.

    12" x 13" SSI EEB 3.51 Compliant Board Size