The Most Cost-effective Dual-Nocona Platform

    with High Performance

    Based on Intel® E7520 chipset, this new Intel Xeon server platform features an 800MHz front-side bus and built-in 1M L2 Cache, providing powerful computing ability. Along with DDR 400, the bandwidth between memory and Northbridge will better transferring data.

    Flexible choices for dual use on rack and tower chassis
    NCL-DS1 provides flexible chassis choices for users and saves their cost.

    Advanced Technologies included in NCL-DS1
    Dual Nocona 800 FSB and PCI-E meet leading technology trend, and ensure irresistibly stable and reliable platform.

    Reliable network connection solution
    Dual PCI-Express Gigabit LAN is most available and advanced server network connection solution. There will be higher bandwidth aggregation and reliable network connection.

    Most cost-effective solution with high cost / performance
    Besides leading technologies such as dual Nocona and PCI-E I/O, NCL-DS1 adopts DDR 400 instead of DDR2 400 to avoid the latter's high cost, but DDR 400 still brings high performance compared with other solutions in the market.

    Key Spec


    Dual Intel® Xeon™ processors up to 3.6+ GHz with 2M L2 cache


    Intel® E7520 Intel®ICH5R


    Dual Channel DDR 333, ECC Registered
    Max up to 16GB / 8 slot


    4 x 64bit/ 133 MHz PCI-X
    1 x 32bit/ 33MHz PCI
    1x [x8 slot (x4 link)]

    On-board Chip

    2 x Broadcom® BCM5721PCI-E Gb LAN

    Board Size

    12"x13", E-ATX