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    Real Server-Class Solution for Rackmount and
    Pedestal Systems!

    Immediate CPU Performance scale up
    Support Intel Pentium D dual core Process

    Leading-edge speed for performance with ECC memory Protection
    Support DDR2 533 / 667 ECC Un-buffered memory

    Complete RAID support for ICH SATA port & discrete SCSI / SATA controller
    Built-in LSI Mega RAID SATA driver support for ICH7R
    Provide software RAID 0, 1, 10 under Windows and major Linux distributions.
    P5MT / SCSI also support LSI integrated RAID, which support RAID0, 1,E

    Superb network performance and reliability with server connectivity
    Dual PCI-E Gb LAN interface with server features

    IPMI2.0 ready with online & offline management capability
    Optional Mini-PCI ASMB 2 card
    Support SOL, 128bit MD5 authentic encryption, FRU data management, remote power on/off & reset, remote BIOS reflash/modify
    GUI-based ARC console as ASMB2 centralized management interface
    ASMB2 provide online web-based interface for server management

    P5MT Specification


    Intel® Pentium4 LGA775


    Intel®E7230 + Intel® ICH7R + Intel®6702PXH


    DDR2 533/ 667 ECC/ Non ECC
    Un-buffered, Max up to 8GB


    ** 1 x PCI-E X16 (x8, x4 link)
    2 x PCI-X 64 bit 133/100 MHz
    1 x 32 bit PCI
    Mini PCI socket for ASMB2 card

    ** A PCI Express x16 graphics card inserted to the PCI Express x16 slot may run only at x1 speed (Intel spec).

    On-board Chip

    2 x Broadcom® BCM5721 PCI-E Gb LAN

    Board Size

    12" x 9.8" ; ATX