Latest High Performance Dual Core Xeon™

    Asus PVL-D/1U is especially for 1U servers based on Intel's latest dual core processor platform, it provides customers the most advanced technologies and superb performance with DDR2 400 and other leading technologies.

    1. Leading performance included in PVL-D/1U:
    Dual core Xeon™ with 800MHz FSB, DDR2 400 and advanced network connection are the latest high-performance technologies for those that demand the very best.

    2. Most professional server network connection:
    Dual PCI-E Broadcom® Gigabit LAN chips deliver most efficient network connectivity with load balance and failover function.

    3. Superb memory performance:
    ECC Registered DDR2 400 provides superb memory performance with better signal quality, stability and reliability.

    Key Spec:

    Model Name



    Intel® Dual core XeonTM with 800FSB

    Core Logic

    Intel® E7520
    Intel® ICH5R
    Intel® 6700 PXHx2


    Dual-channel DDR2 400, ECC Registered
    max. 16GB, 8 slots

    Expansion Slots

    1 x 64bit / 133 MHz PCI-X
    1 x Mini- PCI Socket for ASMB2 card

    On-board LAN

    2 x Broadcom® PCI Express BCM5721 Gigabit Ethernet

    Board Size

    12" x 13", EEB 3.51 compliant