The Most Affordable SAS Tower Server

    TS500-E4/PX4 is based on Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 5000/5100 sequence platform. With support of EM64T technology, 64-bit OS, Intel® VT and Intel® I/OAT technology, 6 Fully-Buffered DIMM slots, TS500-E4/PX4 delivers powerful functions for customers.

    Support EM64T Technology and 64-bit OS
    Support of EM64T technology provides effective way to enjoy 64-bit computing performance, while 64-bit OS provides larger memory space and higher performance for mission critical applications.

    Superb network performance with server connectivity
    Dual PCI-E Gb LAN with Intel® I/OAT technology feature can prevent network traffic and move network data more efficiently.

    Affordable Integrity Data Protection
    The new type storage SAS and the main stream storage SATA are supported by TS500-E4/PX4. 4 SAS HDD Bays support RAID 0, 1, 1E, 10E, which provide better and cost-effective data protection.

    High Memory Capacity
    TS500-E4/PX4 can support dual channel FBD 533 /667 Fully-Buffered DIMM up to up to 16GB (B3 Stepping) or 24GB (G1 Stepping) Memory Space, to meet critical computing demands.

    Flexible Expandability
    TS500-E4/PX4 are rich in flexible expansion choices, including one PCI-E x 16 (x8 link) slot, one PCI-E x 8 (x4 link) slot, three 64bit/133/100MHz PCI-X slots, one 32bit/ 33MHz PCI slot and an extra SODIMM Socket for ASUS ASMB3-SOL card, which helps in server monitoring and management.

    TS500-E4/PX4 Specifications


    Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 5000/5100 Sequence


    Intel® 5000V Chipset
    Intel® 6321ESB I/O Controller Hub


    6 * Dual Channel FBD 533/667, maximum up to 16GB (B3 Stepping)/ 24GB (G1 Stepping)


    1 * PCI-E X16 (x 8 link)
    1 * PCI-E X8 (x 4 link)
    3 * 64bit/133/100MHz PCI-X
    1 * 32bit/33MHz PCI

    On-Board Chip

    Intel® 82563EB Network Connection (Dual-Port)

    System Dimension

    431mm (H) * 220mm (W) * 510mm (D)