オリジナルクーラーを搭載するRadeon HD 3450採用ファンレスビデオカード

    • AMD ATI Radeon HD 3450チップ搭載
    • オリジナルクーラーで効率よく放熱
    • 大容量、512MBのビデオメモリを搭載
    • 最新のデュアルGPU技術「ATI Hybrid Graphics」に対応
    • マルチビデオカード技術の「ATI CrossFireX」に対応
    • HD画質の動画をスムーズに再生する「ATI Avivo HD」に対応
    • Microsoft DirectX 10.1に対応
    • 著作権保護技術のHDCPに対応
    • ASUSオリジナルの画質向上技術Splendidに対応
    • コンポーネントやS-VIDEOなど多くのビデオ出力に対応
    • オーバークロックソフトを付属
      Product Image
      New stylish V-cool heatsink with gigantic 512M memory on board!

      ASUS Exclusive Innovation
      ASUS Features
      • New Generation Heatsink:
        Powerful heat dissipation enhancement with V engine design & aluminum alloy
      • HDCP Compliant:
        Allow playback of HD DVD, Blu-Ray Disc and other protected content at full HD resolutions
      • ASUS Splendid:
        Watching movies on PC is as good as on Top-of-the-line consumer television
      • ASUS Gamer OSD:
        Real-time overclocking, benchmarking and video capturing in any PC game!
      • ASUS Smart Doctor:
        Your intelligent hardware protection and overclocking tool
      • ASUS Video Security Online:
        Keep an eyes on your home at all times not matter where you are

      I/O Specifications
      • PCIE-2
      • HDCP Compliant
      • HDTV-out
      • Dual DVI-I
      • VGA
      • HDMI

      Graphics GPU Features
      • Powered by ATI RADEON® HD3450 GPU
      • PCI Express® 2.0
      • ATI™ Hybrid Graphics:
        Combine an ATI Radeon™ HD 3400 Series graphics card with a compatible AMD 7-Series Integrated Chipset to improve gaming performance and multi-monitor productivity. (Please download the latest driver for better performance.)
      • Unified Video Decoder (UVD) for Blu-ray™ and HD DVD
      • Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista™
      • Full support for Microsoft DirectX10.1 and Shader Model 4.1 enables stunning and complex special effects
      • OpenGL®2.0 support
      • ATI CrossFireX™ multi-GPU support: Compatible with motherboards that support ATI CrossFireX technology

      V Engine means that the pistons are aligned so that they appear to be in a V when viewed along the axis of the crankshaft. The V configuration reduces the overall engine length and weight compared to an equivalent straight engine. Thus phasing in the V Engine concept, the best arranged V-fins can dissipate heats evenly with minimum space required

      Aluminum alloy is much lighter compared to other metal alloys such as steel, nickel, brass, and copper. It also has good thermal conductivities and is highly reflective to heat to help heat dissipation. Therefore, made of aluminum alloy, the ASUS EAH3450/HTP/256M allows for solid performance and elegant appearance at the same time.