1. USB 2.0 WLAN dongle, it can support both NB and desktop
    2. Support 125*HSM technology:enchances WLAN transfer speed by 35% faster than standard 802.11g product
    3. BroadRange Technology:extend 3 times WLAN signal coverage than standard 802.11g product
    4. Support WEP/WPA/WPA2 WLAN encryption function

    Plug it in and Unwire PCs and Notebooks
    The WL-169gE supports USB 2.0 interconnect. Simply plug it to any USB-applicable notebooks and PCs to experience the freedom of wireless connection.

    Broader and Faster – BrandRange and 125* High-Speed Mode
    Downloading and sharing large files wirelessly are no longer such a long process with 125* High-Speed Mode, which boosts data transfer speed of 802.11g standard by 35%. For optimal signal reception, the WL-169gE incorporated BroadRange technology to drive signal to all corners of a WLAN, expanding network coverage of 802.11g standard by 300%

    PSP Online Game Support
    Play online games wirelessly on the PSP in a just few simple steps.

    1. Download "XLink Kai: Evolution VII" and register on XLink Kai (Game Server)
    2. Connect the PSP to WL-169gE via “Ad-Hoc”mode
    3. Run "XLink Kai: Evolution VII"
    4. Play all the games you want

    Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM™)
    WMM enhances wireless transfer of multimedia contents, providing wireless network users an improved experience for sharing audio and video files by allowing you to prioritize your data streams.