Xonar U1 Audio Station

    Xonar U1 Audio Station


    • デスクトップPCやノートPCに手軽に増設できる音源
    • USB接続でクリアな音質を実現するUSBオーディオデバイス
    • アナログ2ch/デジタル5.1ch(S/P DIF角型)両対応出力端子を搭載
    • アナログ2ch入力端子を搭載
    • Dolby Headphone/Dolby Virtual Speaker/Dolby Pro-Logic IIに対応
    • EAX/DirectSoundにハードウェアで対応
    • ミニジャック→S/P DIF変換アダプタを付属
    • 高音質のアレイマイクを付属
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    The Best Portable PC Audio Upgrade Solution for Laptops or Desktops

    Stylish External Processor
    Crisp Clear & Gaming Audio Support

    Xonar U1 transcodes any stereo source into Dolby Headphone, Virtual Speaker, and 5.1-channel Dolby Digital & Pro-Logic II surround sound. It also supports DirectSound, EAX, OpenAL for best gaming in Windows Vista and XP.

    High Fidelity Headphone Amp
    For High End Headphone Enjoyments

    Xonar U1’s built-in high-fidelity headphone amplifier achieves best listening quality with most stereo headphones (8~150 ohms @ >10mWx2):

    THD+N<0.005% @ 47mW x2/32ohms
    THD+N<0.006% @ 88mW x2/16ohms

    Dolby Home Theater Technologies
    High Quality Audio From Dolby

    Xonar U1 tanscodes stereo audio source into Dolby Headphone, Virtual Speaker, and even 5.1-channel Dolby Digital and Pro-Logic II surround sound output.

    Array Microphone Bundled
    Best for VoIP

    The bundled advanced Array MIC technology can suppress ambient noises for up-to-20 dB, leaving only front-side clear voice for VOIP applications (Skype, MSN, Google, QQ, etc.) or online gaming.

    Hardware Interface
    1. LED Indicator
      • Mute: Red
      • Unmute: Blue
      • User features on: Flashing Blue
    2. Push down for mute/unmute
    3. Digital Rotary Volume
    4. Analog/Digital Combo Out
    5. Stereo Mic/Line-in
    Colors available