Optimized Computing and Management Power in Mini-ITX

    ASUS P9D-I is the mini-ITX form factor serverboard. Despite its diminutive appearance, the P9D-I retains the advantages of other P9D series motherboards including supporting the latest Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v3 Processor Family with digital power solution and ASMB7 onboard. With the spacing saving advantage, P9D-I is exclusive to meet the diverse applications in small form factor servers, data center, front-end web server (web hosting) and etc.
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      Mini-ITX Compact Form Factor Increases Density

      As a slim size serverboard, the 6.7” x 6.7” Mini ITX form factor of P9D-I fits for various small form factor appliance servers. In addition, P9D-I can be easily integrated in short depth chassis, thus P9D-I no doubt increases the density in a rack cabinet to provide higher computing power per rack than before.

      Dual Intel® I210AT Gigabit Ethernet

      The ASUS P9D-I ships with dual server-class Intel® Ethernet ports with the I210AT controllers, which doubles queues compared to previous-generation Intel® 82574L controllers. This is better for virtualization applications. In addition, the dual LAN teaming ports provide high networking bandwidth with load balance and fault tolerance functions. This design greatly reduces data processing bottlenecks during network traffic.

      High power efficiency with digital power control

      Digital CPU power controls work perfectly together to match digital power signal (SVID) requests from the CPU, with ultra-fast sensing and response efficiently delivering precision power. Accurate delivery reduces waste and provides more stable voltage. P9D-I power efficiency reaches an impressive 92%.

      Comprehensive server management: ASMB7-iKVM and ASWM Enterprise

      The ASMB7-iKVM onboard enables dashboard system health monitoring, remote power on/off and control, virtual media over LAN, and management LAN fail-over support. In addition, the ASMB7 function is based on BIOS-level access, so even if the server operating system is down or offline, the KVM module can still provide round-the-clock remote monitoring and diagnosis through a user-friendly web-based graphical interface via all major browsers. ASWM Enterprise software provides one-to-multiple centralized management, including BIOS flash, remote control, and power control, all through a colorful and informative graphical interface.