Transform Your Customer’s Experience

ASUS recommends Windows 11 Pro for business.

Shape the future of retail and hospitality

Move beyond the transactional and embrace innovative, intuitive technology from ASUS to elevate your brand experiences and create safer environments in-person and online.
An IT staff is using ASUS ExpertCenter desktop for work and looking at the monitor.

Future-proof solutions for IT specialists

Accelerate digital transformation with innovative technology that seamlessly integrates with back-end systems.
Two supermarket staffs are checking the on-shelf products together, holding ASUS ExpertBook B3 detachable laptop on hand.

Empowering technology for back-office teams

Elevate your offering with versatile solutions that enable behind-the-scenes teams to do their best work.
A traveler is checking-in at the front desk of a hotel. There is an ASUS ExpertCenter AiO at the front desk.

Experience-enhancing devices for customer-facing staff

Create a more engaging environment for both teams and customers with intuitive, user-friendly devices.

Embrace smart capabilities to transform customer experiences

Innovation is supporting smarter shopping and more secure payments—plus service with a smile. Discover how choosing ASUS as your technology partner helps future-proof your business.
Consumers perceive personalized experiences as the most desirable luxury1.
Retailers see connected technologies in stores as critical to success2.
Cyberattacks are levied against retailers due to their access to payment information3.
A coffee shop staff is using ASUS ExpertCenter E5 AiO at the front desk.

Transform customer and employee experiences

Post-pandemic, winning back customer footfall in brick and mortar retail stores and hospitality venues is crucial. Plus, an industry skills shortage makes attracting and retaining talent another key challenge.

Transform your experiential offering to meet customer expectations with feature-rich ASUS technology that intrigues and delights. Meanwhile, help your team feel empowered with intuitive devices and dedicated support.

A cloth store staff is looking at ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip in tablet mode in the store.

Embrace smart retail capabilities

To recover from the impact of the pandemic and continue to thrive, retail and hospitality brands must embrace the latest innovations.

Set your business apart from the competition by updating POS systems and digital signage with smart solutions from ASUS that utilize IoT for enhanced shopping experiences and up-to-the-minute ASUS devices that effortlessly integrate with back-end systems.

A costumer is using ASUS ExpertCenter E1 AiO to find more product information in a furniture store.

Create safer spaces in-person and online

With many customers nervous about returning to in-person experiences, alongside rising data-privacy concerns, shoppers expect brands to work harder to gain their trust.

ASUS lets you increase footfall by creating frictionless physical spaces designed to keep everyone safe. Plus, reduce risk and offer greater peace of mind with ASUS technologies to improve data protection online.