Сетчатая панель
    Лицевая панель I/O
    Хороший теплоотвод
    Исключительная механическая прочность
      Product Image

      Tactile Bezel
      Front reticular design to balance between airflow and technological aesthetics
      C-curved angle housing for strong mechanical structure

      Flexible Front I/O Option
      Optional front I/O for USB and IEEE1394
      Back window with COM2 and key lock support

      Good Thermal Solution
      Support up to P5 Prescott 3.6G
      Hexagon vents for best airflow condition
      Excellent cooling system with room for expansion
      Optional 2nd fan for upgraded ventilation
      2 new side venting areas dedicated for CPU and AGP in support of enhanced heat dissipation

      Solid Mechanical Construction
      Full EMI features prevent radiation emission
      Easy installation for all drives
      C-curve design eliminates sharp edges and folded edge for safe device installation
      Friendly design allows fast assembly and maintenance
      Space saving