- HDCP Compliant: Allow playback of HD DVD, Blu-Ray Disc and other protected content at full HD resolutions
    - The hottest 3D game: Ghost Recon
    - Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista™
    - Ultra-Threaded Shader Engine-Support for Microsoft® Direct X®9.0 and OpenGL 2.0
    - ASUS Splendid
    - ASUS GameLive Show
    - ASUS GameFace Messenger
    - ASUS OnScreenDisplay
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    Hard on the competition but Easy on your money

    ASUS EN7950GT graphics card features the outstanding technology, performance and reliability. Equipped with the most powerful GeForce™ 7950GT GPU and high-speed DDR3, users can fully exploit innovative graphics technologies such as NVIDIA® CineFX™ 4.0 engine, nView™, UltraShadow™ II technologies from NVIDIA™. ASUS EN7950GT graphics card is also HDCP ready to support future HDCP protected audio/video contents, provide worry-free upgrade to the coming high-definition contents and many other premium graphics features. Combined with unique ASUS innovations such as SPLENDID for intelligent video enhancement and interactive gaming features, the all-new ASUS card delivers the ultimate in computer visual enjoyment.

    ASUS Features
    The hottest 3D game: Ghost Recon

    High-Speed 512M DDR3 memory interface
    Support for DDR3 memory delivers fluid frame rates for even the most advanced games and applications.

    Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista

    HDCP Ready:
    Allow playback of HD DVD, Blue Ray Disc and other protected content at full HD resolutions

    Diversified displays connectivity (Dual DVI, VGA, HDTV-Out, TV-Out)

    ASUS Splendid:
    Watching movies on PC is as good as on Top-of-the-line consumer television

    ASUS Video Security Online:
    Keep an eye on your home at all times no matter where you are

    ASUS Game LiveShow:
    Stream live gaming action onto the internet and share with other gaming enthusiast

    ASUS Game Replay:
    Recording gaming action and strategy into MPEG4 files to share with other gaming enthusiast

    ASUS GameFace Messenger:
    Easy IM and live game conference in any PC games

    ASUS OnScreenDisplay:
    Adjust the fame settings and enhance gaming experience without leaving the game

    Graphics GPU Features
    Powered by the world's most powerful GPU in enthusiast segment - NVIDIA® GeForce 7950GT

    NVIDIA SLI™ Technology ready

    NVIDIA® CineFX™ 4.0 engine
    Full support for Microsoft DirectX9.0 enables stunning and complex special effects

    NVIDIA® Intellisample™ 4.0 technology
    The industry's fastest antialiasing delivers ultra-realistic visuals, with no jagged edges, at lightning-fast speeds

    Digital Vibrance Control 3.0 Technology

    NVIDIA® nView™ multi-display technology

    NVIDIA UltraShadow™ II technology

    True high-dynamic range lighting effect and PureVideo technology
    Note: The NVIDIA® ForceWare® drivers included in this box do not feature PureVideo™ HD support. You must download the latest ForceWare drivers version 92.91 or higher from the NVIDIA website (refer to http://www.nvidia.com/page/purevideo_hd.html) in order to enable the PureVideo HD capabilities

    Full DirectX 9.0 & OpenGL 2.0 support

    Models Available
    ASUS EN7950GT/HTDP/512M:
    PCI-Express, VGA, Dual DVI-I, HDTV-Out, TV-Out, HDCP compliant, 512M