Model Number : N50 >
    • Security Features
      SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)
      ACL (Access Control List)
      29 DOS (Denial of Service) Protection
      20+ ALG (Application Layer Gateway)
      URL Filtering
      Application Command Filtering
      Remote Access
      Logging and Reporting

      NAT (RFC1631)
      Static NAT
      Dynamic NAT
      PAT (Port Address Translation)
      Virtual Server

      IKE (Internet Key Exchange)
      - Manual Key
      - Pre-shared Key
      - Perfect Forward Secrecy: D-H 1/2/5
      - IKE Mode: Main/Quick
      IPSec (IP security)
      - AH/ESP
      Hardware accelerated encryption: DES (56-bit)/3DES (168-bit)
      Hardware accelerated authentication: MD5, SHA-1
      VPN Tunnels:
      - SL1000 up to 25 VPN Tunnels

      VPN: Up to 80Mbps
      Firewall: 100Mbps
      NAT: Up to 90Mbps
    • IP
      RIPv1, and RIPv2
      Static Routes: User definable
    • LAN Service
      DHCP Server
      DNS Proxy (Relay)
    • WAN Service
      DHCP Client
    • Features
      Configuration through RS-232 console port
      Configuration through Web interface
      Configuration through Telnet sessions(Optional)
    • LED Indicators
      On Off Flashing
      Power Power On Power down N/A
      WAN Link up Link down Data transmission
      LAN Link up Link down Data transmission
    • Interface Port
      4 RJ-45 ports for 10/100 Base-T
      Ethernet connection
      WAN One RJ-45 port to connect to any Broadband modem (Such as ADSL modem, Cable modem, etc)
      RS-232 One RS-232 port for console
      management (Optional)
    • Dimension
      Height: 34.6 mm (1.36 inches)
      Width: 202.95 mm (7.99 inches)
      Depth: 182.5 mm (7.18 inches)
      Weight: 485g
    • Power Supply
      Input Voltage
      AC 120V, 60Hz (For USA Region)
      AC 230V, 50Hz (For EURO Region)
      AC 220V, 50Hz (For China Region)
      Power Consumption
      15VAC, 700mA
    • Operating Environment
      Operating Temperature
      0 C to 40 C (32F to 104F)
      Non-Operating Temperature
      -20 C to 65 C (-4F to 149F)
    • Regulatory Agency Compliance
      FCC, CE, UL (Depends on the market demand)