WL-ANT150 - Всенаправленная антенна

    Это большая мощность сигнала и больший радиус покрытия беспроводной сети. Антенна может быть использована с любыми беспроводными устройствами ASUS, работающими на частоте 2.4ГГц и имеющими разъемы RP-SMA или RP-TNC.

    The WL-ANT150 Omni High Gain Antenna provides more power and larger coverage range for wireless networking. It can be used with ASUS 2.4GHz access points, routers, and client cards with RP-SMA or RP-TNC connectors.

    360° Coverage Extension
    Stronger signal increases wireless coverage to hard-to-reach areas. Increase the strength of outgoing signals and sensitivity for signal reception.

    Cost Effective
    The high-gain antenna saves wiring costs for building corporate wireless infrastructures by driving stronger signals to all corners.

    Easy to Install (No driver required)
    Just unscrew your current antenna, and attach the high-gain antenna in its place.

    Supports RP-SMA and/or RP-TNC interfaces (connector included )
    A RP-SMA to RP-TNC connector adapter is included for compatibility with wireless devices made by other companies.

    *Works with: WL-300g (Optional connection adapter for RP-SMA), WL-500 series, WL-530G, WL-600G, WL-HDD 2.5, WL-520G, WL-520GU, WL-700G, RT-N10, RT-N11, RT-N12, RT-N16 , WL-130G, WL-138G, PCI-G31, PCE-N13, DSL-G31