Crux P4 MM7

    Crux P4 MM7

    Максимально возможная производительность

    Запатентованный slim-радиатор от ASUS: теплоотвод в 4 направлениях, для снижения температуры процессора и компонентов вокруг него.

      Outstanding Performance with Affordability

      Application to Intel Socket 478 Prescott 3.4G+
      Aluminum extrusion with Copper inserted
      Patented heat sink for omni 4-way airflow
      1 ball bearing, ultra high-speed fan for power cooling
      Long life expectation
      Tool free and easy assembly

      Buy the Best Mainstream Product with Superior High Performance and Affordability
      ASUS Crux P4 MM7 comes with the best combination of fan and heatsink. Even with Aluminum extrusion and Copper core, the performance of Crux P4 MM7 can compete with competitors' all-Copper solutions!

      ASUS Innovation: Efficient "CRUX" Heat Sink Design
      Our thermal solutions are designed from users' point-of-view to ensure cool and stable system operation
      Efficient: Expand heat exchange area for better heat dissipation to all directions without any lose
      System stability: Omni-directional airflow design allows ventilation from all direction. The unique design cools down components around the CPU by 10~ 15°C and lowers overall system temperature for superior stability

      Omni 4-way directional airflow for VR thermal

      Expand heat exchange area

      Why ASUS?
      Crux P4 MM7's best performance provides the best mainstream choice for you instead of others' high cost of all-Copper solutions
      ASUS patented slim heat sink for omni 4-way airflow: 4-way heatsink to lower the temperature of CPU and VRM
      ASUS force-saving clip design, tool-free and easy assembly