Grow with your Business

    Take your business further. The PC is suitable for business seeking powerful, cutting-edge technology that can expand as business grows.

      Elegant Design with Exceptional Performance

      The ASUS BM series provide high performance while operating quietly. Enclosed in a sleek, stylish casing, the PC offers high performance along with sturdiness.

      40% Energy-Efficient

      The Energy Processing Unit, or EPU, monitors and moderates power consumption, saving up to 40% of your total energy footprint. Energy Saving software, AI Gear, allows users to adjust CPU frequency and power based on usage scenario, reducing system noise and energy consumption. Also with the 80 PLUS ® power supply*, it supplies up to 33% more efficient than non 80 PLUS ® ones.
      *Spec varies by models

      Crash Free BIOS and EZ Flash 2

      Active style for the soft and hardware safety control. Rapid system saving and restoration functions, Crash Free BIOS - USB portable disk can easily restore the damaged BIOS info. EZ Flash 2 simple and easy to use BIOS update shareware.

      Q-Fan Quietness Technology

      Q-Fan technology provides users with a quiet and distraction free environment, which is important for business professionals. The technology works to adjust CPU fan speeds according to system loads and interior temperatures. When the system is idle, the fan goes into low speed mode for low noise operation. System noise levels are as little as 30dB in standby mode, creating a quiet working environment.