ESC2000 G2

    ESC2000 G2

    Dual CPU and quad-GPU hybrid computing with complete I/O integration

    The ASUS ESC2000 G2 is a new 2-way workstation based on the Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processor platform, featuring three 5.25” media bays, four hot-swap 3.5” SATA hard drive cages, 80PLUS Gold 1350W power supply, and seven PCI Express 3.0 x16 expansion slots. It delivers unparalleled computing performance, advanced and complete I/O integration, and high energy efficiency, all ideal for professional graphics, financial modeling, engineering, and the sciences.
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      Dual CPU and quad-GPU hybrid computing with complete I/O integration

      Quad-GPU support unleashes more computing power

      With four Tesla™ C-series GPUs fully supporting true PCI Express 3.0 x16 bandwidth, the ESC2000 G2 delivers up to 1.3Tflops parallel computing performance to handle massive processing tasks.

      Dual Intel® Ethernet for fast networking

      Twin Ethernet controllers support double the network bandwidth, alongside teaming and fault tolerance functions to offer reliable and extra-fast connectivity.

      ASUS SSD Caching

      The ESC2000 G2 boosts system performance using an installed SSD as a cache for frequent tasks, allowing you to access data with increased ease and speed. Power up productivity and reduce waits while data transfers!

      DTS® Ultra PCII support

      A brand-new friendly interface brings more functions to users, including symmetry, audio restoration, and enhancement. DTS® symmetry monitors and balances level differences between all digital audio formats, while audio restoration reconstructs percussion and transient sounds from compressed sound sources to restore lost punch and clarity.

      Maximum power supply with DIGI+ for the most demanding workloads

      The 1350W 80PLUS Gold power supply unit cuts down system power loss and improves energy efficiency, saving users money on operating costs. With exclusive ASUS DIGI+ Power, the ESC2000 G2 utilizes precision power adjustments on the processor and memory modules, providing higher system stability.

      ASMB6-iKVM upgrade kit for easy troubleshooting

      The ASMB6-iKVM enables dashboard system health monitoring, remote power on/off and control, virtual media over LAN, and management LAN fail-over support. In addition, the ASMB6 function uses BIOS-level access, so even if the server operating system is down or offline, the KVM module can still provide round-the-clock remote monitoring and diagnosis through a user-friendly web-based graphical interface with support for all major browsers.

      Cutting-edge architecture

      The ESC2000 G2 supports new Intel® Sandy Bridge E5-2600 processors. With eight DIMM sockets and four-channel DDR3 1600, it can accommodate up to 256GB in memory capacity, providing high computing capabilities. Multiple PCI Express 3.0 x16 lanes are perfect for systems that require high I/O connectivity and bandwidth, enabling support for more compatible devices.