Right-handed ergonomic optical gaming mouse crafted for first-person shooting gamers

    • 5000 DPI optical sensor: Precision control with 1:1 tracking and angle-snap-free movement
    • Agile DPI control: On-the-fly DPI adjustments plus instant DPI clutch button
    • Designed for all grip styles: Japanese-made Omron® D2F-01F switches and engineered right-hand ergonomics
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      Strix Claw Dark Edition and Strix Claw are the ultimate gaming mice for first-person shooters, crafted for those who demand unrivaled precision, comfort and the competitive advantage. Right-handed ergonomics, Japanese-made Omron switches, gaming-grade 5000DPI optical sensor, angle-snap-free movement and flexible DPI controls ensure your every movement is tracked accurately and reflected instantly.

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      5000DPI high-precision, gaming-grade optical sensor

      The world's best gamers know that optical sensors offer better accuracy and smoother movement than many laser equivalents. Strix Claw Dark Edition's PixArt PMW3310 gaming-grade optical sensor tracks at up to 5000DPI, and at speeds of up to 3.32 meters per second (130-inches/sec). The accuracy is adjustable in 50DPI increments, so configure Strix Claw Dark Edition to track just the way you want!

      True 1:1 tracking and angle-snap-free movement

      Many mice apply ‘angle-snapping' to for straighter movements – but that's a serious annoyance when trying to line up those pixel-perfect shots to take out the enemy! Strix Claw Dark Edition's PMW3310 optical sensor delivers angle-snap-free movement, so you'll benefit from the freedom to position and aim precisely with true 1:1 tracking!

      Instant DPI switches with four DPI stages and additional DPI clutch

      Strix Claw Dark Edition's DPI switches toggle instantly between the highest sensor resolution for the fastest motion and lower resolutions, so you benefit from tailored precision. There's even a DPI clutch button for serious snipers — just press to reduce the DPI instantly for super-accurate aiming!

      Three independently programmable buttons

      Strix Claw has a total of eight buttons — and three of them are independently programmable. Assign any key, mouse command or macro via the intuitive Strix software, and switch easily between stored profiles and DPI levels without taking your eyes off your game. With this brilliant tactical design you'll shift vital commands from the keyboard and to Strix Claw – right under your fingertips!

      Right-handed ergonomics

      The Strix Claw Dark Edition is crafted with right-hand ergonomics for all grip styles — and especially great for the finger and claw-style grips that work best in first-person shooters. The streamlined shape provides exceptional comfort and a great grip, so you'll move quickly, precisely and with complete confidence!

      Japanese-made Omron D2F-01F switches

      We've engineered Strix Claw Dark Edition with high-quality Japanese-made Omron D2F-01F switches so you can play longer in full comfort. The design offers more travel than many other switches for smoother clicking actions and great responsiveness. You press, and the click is registered — so no more strained muscles and tingling fingers!

      Angled braided-fiber cable

      Say goodbye to annoying tangles and movement-stopping snags and enjoy unfettered mouse swiping, thanks to Strix Claw Dark Edition's angled braided-fiber cable!

      Game everywhere
      Software and plug-and-play hardware modes

      Strix Claw Dark Edition includes the intuitive Strix software suite for easy setup and advanced personalization. If you're always on the go, Strix Claw Dark Edition's plug-and-play hardware mode and built-in 64KB memory let you attach and game with no installation hassles — so it's ready to play anywhere!


      Unleash your gaming instincts

      Taken from the ancient Roman and Greek word for owl, Strix means the keenest hearing and sharpest eyesight. Strix means feeling your environment so that you detect and react to the slightest movement. Strix means survival on the very edge of instinct. Strix is in your blood, as it is in ours.

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