Live it Up with High Definition Entertainment

    Stylishly designed yet functional, the F81Se is the versatile everyday notebook for high definition entertainment and productivity while providing users with trouble-free and long-lasting computing.
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      A Host of User-centric Innovations for Energy Efficiency, Productivity and Security

      Express Gate allows users to boot up in 8 seconds*, granting them instantaneous access to a built-in operating system that runs commonly-used applications such as Skype™, a music player, an email client and an Internet browser. Users can now log on to their computers with the SmartLogon system, which detects the user’s face and logs on without any intervention from the user. This system is designed to learn the variations of the user’s facial features, and is capable of performing detection in different lighting conditions. Power4 Gear facilitates the deployment and usage of power according to the users’ preferences in relation to the specific tasks that they need to perform. Lifeframe not only provides easy to use recording and capturing functions with high-quality audio and video, it also guards security with motion triggered image capture when set to the Monitor mode.

      The F81Se plays host to a smorgasbord of innovative technological solutions designed to provide users with effortless computing, high definition audio and visual entertainment and trouble-free productivity. It is an all-rounded performer equipped with the latest in graphical solutions that make it a highly suitable companion while out and about.

      Infusion Technology for Aesthetic Appeal with Unmatched Durability

      The ASUS F81Se notebook sports the revolutionary Infusion technology. A functional yet beautiful design, it protects the F81Se from scratches and the day to day wear and tear, as it forms a protective film over the exterior of the notebook. Users can now enjoy a stylishly designed notebook, with an exterior that lasts.

      Spill-proof Keyboard to Keep the Data Safe from Spillage

      A spill-proof keyboard protects the notebook from water spillage and users will no longer need to worry about the occasional drink spills. A protective and water resistive sheet on the underside of the keyboard and bended edges around the keyboard prevents water from seeping into the notebook.