PL-X51P/PL-X52P 500 Mbps 4 Gigabit ports powerline adapter kit

    • 500 Mbps data rate via existing power sockets
    • Extra outlet with built-in noise filter
    • Give favorite tasks the VIP treatment
    • Only device in its class with four Gigabit LAN ports
    • Save power with smart standby

      Your power plugs now let you go online!

      The ASUS PL-X51P/52P gives you a home networking alternative to traditional wireless routers. As a streamlined powerline adapter, it expands your network without adding to physical or signal clutter. Also, using industry-leading design, it offers 500Mbps connections with up to four Gigabit Ethernet ports. Smart engineering delivers an extra outlet for networking via existing electrical wires while keeping power plugs free for use with other devices, and built-in noise filtering ensures consistent connection quality.

      Safe and healthy with low EMI

      Wireless networking devices may generate considerable EMI and other forms of radiation which could be harmful over time. By plugging directly and simply to existing power lines, you get fast and easy networking while creating a healthier and safer environment whether at home or at the office.

      Extra outlet with built-in noise filter

      The PL-X51P/PL-X52P uses smart extra outlet engineering, so while it connects to the wall to provide networking via existing electrical wires, it keeps power plugs free, meaning you can still use them to power other devices. For great connection quality, an integrated line noise filter has been added, ensuring consistent online performance.

      Give favorite tasks the VIP treatment

      The PL-X51P/PL-X52P adds a dedicated VIP port that instantly puts any device you connect to it at the top of the bandwidth priority list. Hook up a desktop, notebook, or game console, and they immediately get better access to more bandwidth, reducing lag and latency and creating even smoother connections for everything from gaming to HD content streaming and downloading.

      Only device in its class with four Gigabit LAN ports

      While streamlined and convenient, the PL-X51P/X52P maintains full networking capabilities with four Gigabit LAN ports. This allows you to connect more devices and create a larger and faster network with simple plug n play ease. There’s no need to compromise – connect your desktop, notebook, smart TV, and game consoles, there’s room for all.

      4 + 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports upgrade your network

      Instantly boost your home networking with 4 + 4 ports and Gigabit speeds, connecting more devices and enjoying 10X faster performance than 10/100Mbps routers

      Save power with smart standby

      The PL-X51P/X52P uses a smart standby mode that detects whether connected devices have been switched off or have gone inactive. Should that happen, its power consumption drops to near zero, unlike traditional routers, which stay fully turned-on at all times. This helps you save money on power bills, while promoting environmental protection.

      One-press device pairing for quick network build-up

      Extra-convenient device pairing button makes powerline networking setup supremely easy. One press and adapters become part of wireless networks with automatic detection. No bothersome install needed, and the process is reinforced by strong 128-bit AES encryption.

      Keep Up to Date!

      Remember to always keep your device’s firmware up to date so you can benefit from the very latest service and security enhancements — and get exciting new features! Learn more about updating new firmware.