Enabling an Exciting Multimedia Universe

    • Windows 8 Compatible
    • The ASUS DVD-E818A7T features a cutting-edge multimedia experience with quite playback capability and 18X speed data transfer. It provides you with a quiet, stable, and high-performance multimedia environment
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      QuieTrack 2nd Generation

      ASUS drives adopt low-noise technology, and each drive must pass ISO7779 sound pressure testing to ensure quiet operation for optimal multimedia enjoyment.

      low noise quiet operation

      decreases CO2 emissions

      Green Orientation - E-Green

      The ASUS E-Green drive automatically optimizes your drive’s power consumption. E-Green displays detailed information on power saved and CO2 reduced using the ASUS drive.

      Show how much power saved

      air flow field modification

      AFFM II: Air Flow Field Modification II

      Noise and vibration are two major headaches users encounter when using a high-speed drive. AFFMII is designed to change the uneven airflow field inside the drive because balance pressure distribution leads to quieter and more stable operation.

      optimal tuning strategy

      Advantage of AFFM II
      1. Without AFFM II, the pressure in a given area varies greatly.
      2. With AFFM II, the pressure in a given area is well-controlled and varies slightly.

      auto vibration reducing system

      Superior Burning Quality— Auto Vibration Reducing System

      The AVRS technology is designed to minimize the vibration caused by the spindle motor and resonance between components as well as the drive and PC cases. AVRS is designed to reduce vibration and noise induced by unbalanced mass of rotating machinery. With AVRS, ASUS DRW-24B3ST/LT provides high readability and playability.

      auto vibration reducing system

      Advantage of AVRS
      1. Reducing Vibration and noise induced by unbalanced mass of rotating machinery
      2. Reducing Vibration and noise on traverse and drive case
      3. Enhanced Readability and Playability