ASUS Smart Cradle

    ASUS Smart Cradle

    Keep your eyes on the road with this smart, simple and super-strong in-car mount for your smartphone

    • Wide 120-degree movement for total flexibility, up to 60 degrees up, down, left or right.
    • Gear-loaded lateral wings accommodate most smartphones with displays of up to 6in.
    • Safe-lock switch holds both cradle and device firmly in position, preventing accidental drops.
    • Soft silicon cushions hold your smartphone snugly, and stop scuffs and scratches.
    • Tough polyurethane suction cup offers strong adhesion, able to support weights of up 2.5kg.

      ASUS Smart Cradle is the quick, simple and flexible in-car mount for your ZenFone — or any smartphone with a display of up to 6in!

      Just slide your device into ASUS Smart Cradle adjustable wings for an instant secure grip. With up to 60 degrees movement in all directions, you’re free to angle your smartphone exactly how you need it, ready for any road trip. The safe-lock switch ensures that your device stays firmly in place, even when you’re pressing the controls.

      ASUS Smart Cradle has a robust ball joint that holds rigidly to minimize shake caused by road undulations, and with the strength to support weights of up to 2.5kg. And it takes just a quick twist of the wrist to switch ASUS Smart Cradle from portrait to landscape orientation, so you’ll view the information you need, just as want to view it.

      Safe-lock Switch
      Robust Ball Joint

      Fitting ASUS Smart Cradle is pure simplicity. The broad, polyurethane suction cup adheres firmly to any smooth surface, from windshield to dash. So, just stick ASUS Smart Cradle where it’s needed, slide in your smartphone, set off on your journey and travel informed — legally and safely!


      Peel off all protective films on ASUS Smart Cradle.

      Unlock then press down the suction clamp to secure the cradle stand to a clean surface.

      Press the control button and pull out the brackets and feet.

      Mount your phone onto the feet and adjust the brackets.

      Press the switch to securely lock the brackets and feet.

      Tighten the screw to secure the cradle holder in place.