Unique Fan Duct for VRM Care

    CPU Support
    Intel® Core™2 Extreme/ Core™2 Duo/ Pentium® D (Dual-Core)
    Intel® Pentium® 4 HT/Celeron® D
    Fan Speed 2,800 rpm ± 10%
    Material Cu. Base + Al. Fins + 4 Heat Pipes
      Unique Fan Duct for VRM Care

      Push Pin
      Fan Duct
      4 Cooper Pipes

      Advantages and Benefits

      Optimized Performance and Acoustics
      PWM function enables silent operation in normal mode and also provides the capability to cool
      down effectively while CPU temperature is high.

      VRM shield guides cool air to critical components around the CPU for stable operation.

      Easy Assembly
      Advanced push pin design: tool free & back plate free.

      Small Size for Effective Cooling
      Asus innovative hidden fan design for achieve superior cooling capability as other coolers yet
      smaller and lighter.

      ASUS unique FAN DUCT design to protect components on Motherboard