1 Liter-sized PC with optimized power efficiency and enhanced productivity

    • Intel® Celeron® J1900 processor for enhanced energy efficiency
    • Latest NVIDIA® Graphics for optimized video calling experience
    • Budget friendly solution with enhanced productivity
    • Sleek and clean 1L compact PC with rotatable VESA-mount
    • Rich array of I/O ports for a myriad of business peripheral devices
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      Enhanced Productivity

      Smart Performance

      Powered by the next generation Intel® Celeron® J1900 quad-core 2GHz SoC processor (2M Cache, up to 2.42 GHz), significantly faster and more efficient than the previous Intel® Celeron® processors, EB1037 delivers easy multitasking and enhanced performance.

      Latest NVIDIA® Graphics for Optimized Video Calling Experience

      Armed with a powerful NVIDIA® GeForce® GT820M graphics card with 512MB VRAM, the EB1037 renders intense HD video and large files without placing huge demands on the CPU, increasing overall system efficiency.

      Front USB 3.0

      Front USB 3.0

      USB 3.0 transfers data 10X faster than USB 2.0 while maintaining complete backward compatibility. The EB1037 features front USB 3.0 ports, allowing you to transfer data with ultimate speed and ease. It delivers data transfer rates up to 6Gb/s each.

      Dual Display Functionality
      The EeeBox PCs feature D-sub and HDMI output ports with dual display support. On two separate screens make you more productive.

      Sleek and Clean Design
      The ASUS EeeBox features a sleek design and extremely light weight, only 0.7kg (1.4 lb). ASUS EeeBox is simple, chic, and even thinner than a book!

      Rotatable VESA-mount kit is designed to provide user the flexible placement with easy I/O ports access. You don't need to turn the monitor around & you still easily use the function of rotation to find the port you would like to use.

      ASUS WebStorage
      ASUS WebStorage: Up to 100GB free space

      Share your pictures, music and movies with 100GB* free space for 1 year, wirelessly share your files across multiple devices. With a keyword search, you can find the relevant files in no time. Record and upload the important meeting notes with snap shots, and then access them on any devices.

      * The offer will be available from 1 May, 2014.

      Rock Solid Security

      ASUS Secure Delete
      Easily set up password protection for your data with UEFI BIOS

      UEFI BIOS not only provides a mouse-controlled interface that enables more flexible and convenient input, but also combines system management tools like HDD password protection and I/O port activation. A user-friendly graphics-based BIOS interface offers easier system tweaking and greater storage support.

      ASUS Secure Delete
      AI Security protects your data from unauthorized access and computer viruses

      Management Information Systems can restrict users’ access to confidential data, including enabling or disabling external USB devices or optical drives’ data writing or reading capabilities. This also reduces the chances of incursions from viruses. It is integrated into the ASUS Business Suite 2.0 to provide complete control on unwanted devices management.

      Kensington lock
      Kensington lock slot

      ASUS commercial desktops come with a Kensington lock for additional asset management and security. Keeping your hardware and confidential data inside well protected.

      F9 One Key Recovery
      F9 One Key Recovery

      The F9 key allows you to use the recovery partition to restore your PC to its original working state. (Copying your data files and making note of any customized configuration settings before using the system recovery partition is required.

      ASUS Secure Delete
      ASUS Secure Delete

      An easy-to-use interface that allows you to permanently remove confidential data from the recycle bin. Simply launch Secure Delete and drag and drop the files to be deleted.

      Leading Reliability

      ASUS desktops –Leading in overall satisfaction with reliability
      ASUS desktops – leading in satisfaction with reliability

      ASUS computers reflect a tradition of the finest quality, innovation and longevity. Based on the PCWorld USA 2012 reader survey of tech satisfaction, reliability, and service*, users rank ASUS as a leading choice for desktop PCs, citing high satisfaction with their value, connectivity, ease of use and reliability. The survey also found ASUS desktop PCs were one of the most likely to be recommended to others. Additionally, PC Mag has recognized ASUS as the leading brand of choice with their Reader’s Choice award**.

      * Source: 1
      ** A trademark of Ziff Davis, Inc. Used under license.

      ASUS Q-Fan technology
      Stringently quality tests

      ASUS desktop PCs are subjected to a series of rigorous noise, vibration, drop, and thermal shock tests to ensure they meet our exacting standards and exceed those used by other manufacturers. Get the confidence that your PC can operate smooth in any climate no matter how cold, hot, dry, or humid.

      Stringent Quality Vibration Test

      To ensure that both the construction and internal components are able to cope.

      Stringent Quality

      Noise Test
      To ensure the noise levels is reduced to 28dB.

      Temperature & Humidity Test

      Temperature & Humidity Test
      All commercial models are tested to operate in the 0°-50゚C range and in even the most humid environments safely for over 70 consecutive hours.

      Line Voltage and Frequency Test

      Line Voltage and Frequency Test
      Line Voltage and Frequency Test for regional power requirements.

      Stringent Quality

      Drop Test
      Desktops are likely to experience shocks during shipping. So ASUS performs a variety of drop tests to simulate the transport process.

      Efficient Energy Saving

      Green ASUS
      Preserves the environment, also lowers operating costs

      The energy-efficient ASUS EeeBOX PCs EB1037 protect the environment while helping lower businesses’ operating costs. These eco-friendly workstations are recipients of some of the industry’s highest environmental certifications including ENERGY STAR.

      Consumes 70% Less Power than a Desktop
      ASUS EeeBox PC EB1037 requires less energy than traditional PCs up to 70%, boosting system performance when handling demanding tasks and lowering consumption when less power is needed.