Dual-Xeon Platform with EM64T and E7320 Chipset

    NCLV-DS supports a dual-Intel Xeon platform with EM64T (Extended Memory 64 Technology). It also adopted the latest Intel E7320 chipset to provide powerful features in workstation and server systems.
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      Powerful Motherboard Incorporating Dual-Xeon
      Platform with EM64T and E7320 Chipset

      The NCLV-DS delivers a dual-Xeon processing platform on a 800MHz front-side-bus (FSB) and incorporated EM64T to handle current 32bit and future 64bit applications. Supporting 16GB DDR 400, the motherboard offers an affordable memory solution that also provides ample bandwidth for fast data transfers.

      Scalability is another advantage the NCLV-DS brings to users. Equipped with the x4 PCI Express interconnect (through x8 connector), it enables future upgrade to more powerful graphics cards and support for add-on expansion cards.

      Also available is the dual-Gigabit LAN controller design for server-class network capability. It allows larger bandwidth for data transfers and backup network connection just in case one of the LAN card fails.

      Stability, efficiency, cost and convenience are critical in determining a quality server. And a reliable tool for system monitoring is essential to ensure the four criteria mentioned are indeed included in the server system. ASWM 2.0 (ASUS System Web-based Management) allows MIS engineers to conveniently and remotely monitor, manage and upgrade server systems. Traditional solutions for system management and maintenance are time consuming and inefficient. When a system malfunctions, MIS engineers have to first understand the server they are dealing with, open up the server and determine whether the problem is at hardware or software levels. ASWM 2.0 eliminated all the hassle mentioned. With a few clicks on the mouse, status of th e system is presented in seconds, even from a remote location.

      The NCLV-DS is developed for the value-conscious users who still demand excellent performance and features. It is an excellent foundation for file servers, web servers, high-performance clusters etc.

      Specification summary:
      Processor: Dual Intel® Xeon Processor with EM64T Technology
      Chipset: Intel® E7320 MCH + Intel® 6300ESB ICH
      SCSI: Adaptec AIC-7901
      Memory: Dual Channel PC-2700 ECC Registered, up to 16GB
      Expansion: 1 x PCI Express x4 (via x8 connector), 2 x PCI-X, 1 x PCI
      Management Software: ASWM 2.0
      Board size: 12" x 10.5" , CEB 1.01 Compatible
      Onboard LAN: Broadcom® BCM5721KFB PCI Express Gigabit controller