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ASUS realizes that cash flow is key to the survival of SMBs, and we strive to anticipate the budget constraints on your company’s IT needs. Our goal is to help you maximize efficiency while making room for future company growth, so that every penny of your budget can be spent wisely. Furthermore, SMBs often do not have enough dedicated IT personnel, and the purchase of additional computer equipment to facilitate company growth can lead to serious management challenges, especially for maintenance and support issues. ASUS offers the convenience of one-stop shopping while providing you with the most reassuring after-sales service.

  • Back-office

    SMB transactional work does not typically involve mobility. Typically, suitable computers for such work need only be able to access the internet and cope with administrative demands such as word processing and simple image processing.

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  • Salesperson

    Busy SMB sales representatives, apart from constant off-site customer visits, can also have a significant amount of support documentation to complete, such as invoicing, preparing proposals, and even shipping. Such staff need a lightweight computer with good battery life.

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  • Designer

    Overstretched SMB design departments needing to maximize efficiency should ensure they select appropriately-specified computers when making their purchasing decisions.

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  • Engineer

    Engineers typically interact with a wide range of systems and applications, meaning their computing needs are focused on versatility. But with a wide range and variety of equipment, administration, support and maintenance can become a complex burden.

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