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Data Center

With potentially tens of thousands of users, campus networks can experience severe spikes in the network traffic caused by important events such as enrolment days. Such spikes can impact the availability, speed and reliability of online services.Therefore, an important question for the network’s administrators to consider is how to upgrade the system to include large-scale access to the cloud. This is the best way to adequately enhance the efficiency and quality of the campus network.

Campus datacenters must be able to cope effectively with the high degree of complexity that characterizes the diversified, open, and flexible network environments of contemporary college campuses. With typical network architectures that allows for the coexistence of many different operating systems, a campus datacenter must be able to meet the high-performance demands of relevant departments, while remaining easy to maintain. The network infrastructure must also be able to respond to massive volumes of Internet traffic.

Once the demands of high network efficiency have been met, attention can be turned to energy conservation and carbon reduction, by working to eliminate expensive power bills and to establish a benchmark for a green campus.

Recommended Products


  • Faced with massive amounts of campus data, ASUS servers are the cornerstone of an optimized system providing seamless integration with datacenters and the cloud. Equipped with the ultimate in computing power, ultra high memory capacity, superior cooling efficiency and other important technologies, ASUS servers play an indispensable part in the smooth operation of computer labs.

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  • Offers the high-speed computing power and unparalleled I/O scalability required to operate multiple workstations simultaneously in a very quiet environment. By intelligently monitoring the system's power load, it automatically adjusts electricity consumption. ASUS Workstations are designed to satisfy the most demanding instructional and management needs.

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  • ASUS networking equipment is a simple and efficient solution to the enormous volume of Internet traffic that campuses receive. It adapts to the surges in network traffic that occur during peak use. ASUS Green Network technology, which detects when connected devices are off or in standby mode, allows ASUS network equipment to use up to 57% less electricity than standard equipment.

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  • Digital signage solutions in a datacenter can help the MIS team with data visualization, network mapping, maintenance tasks, planning and many other useful functions.

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