Eee Reader DR900

    Eee Reader DR900

    Read Every Book with One Touch

    • The world's first 9-inch touch screen eBook reader
    • Energy efficiency with up to two weeks battery life
    • Text to speech and dictionary with 23 languages
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      ASUS Eee Reader is the world's first 9-inch touch-screen e-book reader

      ASUS Eee Reader DR900 is the world's first 9-inch e-Book reader that morphs paper like display quality with interactive touch-screen technology, to provide exceptional ease of use for a dedicated e-reader device.

      At a comfortable 9-inches in size, yet, with a razor-thin, sub-single centimetre deep design, the DR900 is a highly portable travel companion that will neatly slip into many handbags, backpacks and briefcases. With its 2GB of internal storage and space for MicroSD expansion cards it's the essential companion on every journey, and will replace a library of heavy reading material. However, it's design is more than just something to read news and books from though, the Eee Reader DR900 is a completely interactive and highly versatile device.

      Ideal EPD Technology

      Its anti-reflective Electro Phoretic Display (EPD) technology provides a natural reading experience that mimics ink on paper. Unlike a conventional flat panel display technology, which uses a harsh backlight to illuminate its pixels, EPD reflects light like ordinary paper making it far more comfortable to read from for long periods. It is capable of holding text and images indefinitely without drawing electricity, while still allowing virtually instant page changes at the touch of a button. Eee Reader pushes this low power technology to its limit, and ekes out a phenomenal battery life of up to two weeks!

      anti-reflective Electro Phoretic Display (EPD) technology

      Interactive, intuitive interface

      touch screen, sketch book/notepad, easy text highlighting, handwriting recognition and annotation and full virtual keyboard functionsThe Eee Reader DR900's capacitive touch-screen provides a directly interactive and very intuitive method of use; anyone, young or old can pick it up and start easily using this pad. As an enabling device, it offers clear advantages over other e-readers, such as a sketch book/notepad, easy text highlighting and annotation and full virtual keyboard functions.

      World-leading e-Book features and diverse format support

      With its large 1024x768 resolution display there's ample reading room for Eee Reader's popular portable document formats, including PDF, TXT, ePub, HTML, and FB2. It can also read ZIP and CBZ compressed files, popular images formats including JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP for pictures, comics and manga, and it can even plays MP3s via the built-in stereo speakers or the 3.5mm headphone jack.

      With a 3G network option and standard, integrated 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, it's easy to get data on the go too.
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      Reading for you

      The Eee Reader DR900 is more than just a simple e-Book though, with its Text to Speech function it brings words to life and currently supports 23 different languages.


      With its "click and translate" function, words and phrases are quickly translated in real time with the DR900's built-in dictionary.