ROG Orion for Consoles

    ROG Orion for Consoles

    Cross-platform gaming headset, compatible with Xbox 360®, PlayStation® 3, PCs and Mac® computers

    • Compatible with the Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, PC, and Mac
    • Environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology eliminates more than 90% of external noise disturbances for clear in-game voice
    • Integrated headphone amplifier delivers punchy bass and crystal-clear highs
    • Big 50mm neodymium magnet drivers offer true to life game audio detail
    • Full-size 100mm over-ear cushions with perfect snug fit for prolonged gaming sessions
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      Orion for Consoles, the latest addition to the Republic of Gamers (ROG) award-winning Orion gaming headset series, is a gaming headset and audio-console package designed for today’s most popular games consoles and computers. Orion for Consoles comprises a headset with 100mm cushions for whole-ear cover and comfort. Orion for Consoles also features Spitfire II, a dedicated USB-powered audio console with built-in headphone amplifier for bolder sounds and environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology for clearer in-game chat.

      Powered by ROG Spitfire II audio console

      Cross-platform flexibility

      Designed for use with Microsoft® Xbox® 360 and Sony® PlayStation® 3 games consoles, PCs and Apple® Mac® computers, Orion for Consoles is ready to work straight from the box — no drivers required.

      Orion for Consoles I/O

      Orion for Consoles - environmental noise cancellation

      More than 90% environmental noise cancellation (ENC) performance

      Powered by USB, this small box of tricks includes a built-in microphone that actively detects and counters more than 90% of environmental sounds such as speech and keyboard tapping, so teammates aren’t distracted in chat by noises that might be occurring around gamer.

      Integrated headphone amplifier

      Spitfire II also includes a headphone amplifier to deeper immerse gamers and provide a clearer sense of what’s happening on the battlefield.

      Orion for Consoles - headphone amplifier

      True to life in-game audio detail

      Orion for Consoles - 50mm neodymium magnet driver units
      50mm neodymium magnet driver units

      Large 50mm neodymium drivers on Orion for Consoles have been meticulously fine-tuned to provide dynamic audio positioning. They provide supreme clarity, thundering bass, and extreme low distortion. Powerful and dynamic audio makes the virtual battlefield so real, every action and reflex become lightning-fast second nature.

      Perfect snug fit for prolonged gaming sessions

      Fine-tuned clamping force

      Orion for Consoles is comfortable to wear for even the longest gaming sessions. Extensive lab testing by ROG has resulted in a headband with finely balanced clamping forces, meaning the Orion headset stays firmly and comfortably in place.

      100mm full size over ear cushions

      ROG designers chose large 100mm over-ear cushions covered in highly-breathable quality leather treatment.

      Orion for Consoles - Fine-tuned clamping force

      Full battlefield focus

      Orion for Consoles - 30dB noise isolation
      Effective 30dB noise isolation

      Noise ranks as one of the leading issues for gamers, often causing distractions and leading to the wrong decisions – which in turn lower win ratios. The ROG Orion for Consoles features the close-type design and full size cushions, offering gamers optimized noise isolation technology to ensure better gaming success and immersion. It effectively blocks out disruptions such as environmental noise and human voice, two of the main noisemakers in gaming events. Even tiny noises may mask crucial sound details, so make sure your gaming gear helps you fully immerse in gameplay and catch every sonic clue to make the right call.

      Made for gaming

      Retractable microphone

      With the flick of a wrist, the retractable microphone gives gamers the freedom to issue commands or chat, while an inline control makes quick work of adjusting the volume or muting the mic.

      Orion for Consoles - Retractable microphone

      Orion for Consoles - Braided cable with gold-plated jacks
      Braided cable with gold-plated jacks

      The Orion for Consoles headset has a braided cable that’s fantastically durable, so you can stop worrying about kinks. It even has a gold-plated jack to ensure a great connection that minimizes distortion. The cable’s generous 2.5m length is further extended by Spitfire II’s own 1.5m cable, offering gamers very wide freedom of movement.

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