ROG G56JK


    • Superb performance from Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA®GTX 850M graphics
    • Stylish gaming with an adjustable-backlight keyboard and gorgeous spun-finish touchpad
    • Remarkable detail and 178-degree viewing on a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS panel
    • Thumping deep-bass audio from SonicMaster and an exclusive external subwoofer
      • Extreme Performance

        Gaming-grade power

        Enjoy pumped-up desktop-level performance with a 4th-generation Intel® Core™ i7-4700 processor and gaming-grade NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 850M graphics!

      • Processors fit for champions

        Performance is everything, so it's only fitting that G56 uses the advanced technology and power offered by 4th-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors. These far outpace the previous-generation, making them the ideal choice for G56. Fast and thermally efficient, these latest high-end processors from Intel™ ensure totally smooth gaming and multitasking while helping to extend G56's battery life when on the road.

      • The King of 3D — over 3,500 3DMark 11 performance!

        With up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 850M discrete GPUs, G56 is indisputably gamer-grade and enthusiast-approved. The new NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 800 series delivers DirectX® 11.1 compatibility, ensuringyour G56 has the visual prowess and horsepower to fire up the latest games in all their glory. These new components support enhanced anti-aliasing to sharpen textures, and feature massive amounts of video memory; enabling G56 to register an impressive 3DMark score of over 3,500. With G56, there's no room for compromise — it's the laptop that gives you desktop-grade performance.

      • Keep your cool, no matter what

        Heat is the serious gamer's worst enemy, as it can cause unreliability and performance degradation — but not in the G56. Our ASUS ROG engineers have worked long and hard to design an exclusive powerful cooling system that won't let you down, no matter how long or hard your combat session. This powerful thermal solution keeps the exterior of the G56 at a comfortable 30-35 degrees at all times for maximum stability — and maximum gaming pleasure.

      • Unlimited Visual Enjoyment

        View every detail from any angle in Full HD

        Immerse yourself in every detail of your game world with the glare-free 15.6-inch Full HD IPS panel, offering stunning picture quality and 178-degree viewing angles!

      • IPS displays for stunning visuals

        With its ultra-crisp IPS screens, the G56 Series has outstanding visuals with enhanced color definition, brightness, and contrast. Going up to Full HD resolution, these have an anti-reflection matte coating that also repels fingerprints, making it easy to keep clean and bright. As well as excellent color accuracy and lifelike visuals, the screens on G56 have 178-degree viewing angles, so colors and clarity remain consistent from nearly any direction.

      • Glare-resistant matte screen

        Reflections and glare can distract from gaming enjoyment, or even make the difference between winning and losing. The special anti-glare coating on the G56 screen cuts out annoying reflections and helps your eyes to remain keen and sharp at all times, so you'll never miss out on any of the action!

          • Matte Panel
          • Glossy Panel
      • Triple displays for total flexibility

        G56 allows you to output graphics to two separate external displays simultaneously via the HDMI 1.4 and VGA ports, while still using the G56 screen. This allows you to set up your gaming and productivity workspaces just how you want them. Multitasking is never a problem with G56!

      • Gamer-Centric Design

        Designed for gamers, styled for beauty

        Show the world you're serious about gaming with the instantly-recognizable style of G56. Its precision gaming controls, adjustable-backlight keyboard, majestic red design touches and gorgeous spun-metal finish touchpad are all designed to make G56 a gamer's dream machine.

      • Premium gaming design

        From its low-profile Samurai-inspired chassis to the awesome glowing red ROG logo on the lid, G56 is designed not only to impress, but to have outstanding ergonomics for a premium gaming experience. Crafted with a brushed hairline-finish aluminum lid and sandblasted finish on the palm rest area, it stands head and shoulders above the competition. The backlit keyboard and touchpad feature subtle red illumination that are not only practical, but add an aura of mystery.

      • Ultra-responsive one-piece illuminated chiclet keyboard

        With its long-travel keys for instant response, the seamless one-piece keyboard is a joy to use, even for extended sessions. Users can adjust the brightness of the majestic red backlight at any time for maximum visibility, making it easy to use G56 anywhere, any time.

      • Majestic Sound

        Bass you can feel

        G56 is bundled with the unique patented SonicMaster external subwoofer, which reproduces bass frequencies a full octave lower — and at higher volumes — than other laptops. Co-designed with Microsoft to bass frequencies are separated for playback through the SonicMaster subwoofer, while medium and high frequencies are handled by the main SonicMaster-powered speakers. It's your very own portable home theater system!

      • Incredible gaming sound

        Developed by the ASUS Golden Ear team, the exclusive SonicMaster sound technology was created with the specific goal of achieving the best sound on a laptop. It's been a resounding success, and keeps getting better. SonicMaster uses bigger speakers with larger resonance chambers to deliver more powerful sound and deeper bass. G56 also includes software to fine-tune the audio output for any kind of application. Simply put, SonicMaster gives better, richer, and more detailed sound – whether you prefer listening on headphones or speakers.

        • WIDE RANGE
      • External subwoofer for unbelievable bass

        The patented external subwoofer bundled with G56 reproduces frequencies one octave lower — and at higher volumes — than is possible other laptops. Bass playback is intelligently routed through the subwoofer for maximum aural impact, while medium and high frequencies are handled by the main laptop speakers. The result is a rich, clear audio with incredible bass response that's perfect for any genre of game.

      • Perfect sound for any application

        The bundled ROG AudioWizard utility is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that allows users to create customized sound setting profiles. These can then be activated at any time for use in any application. ROG AudioWizard also includes five preset audio modes specially optimized for different game and entertainment genres.

      • Now with MaxxAudio

        Professional MaxxAudio sound processing tools infuse G56 with another layer of cool sonic detail. The intuitive and friendly MaxxAudio interface helps you take charge of what your G56 sounds like, with flexible settings for different needs. You could also opt to use one of five audio modes based on content or application. In all cases, tuning sound is quick, easy, and fun.

      • Incredible Cloud

        Store, share, and sync

        ASUS cloud services provide the most complete online platform that's accessible anywhere from a host of devices. Each ASUS ROG G56 comes with free ASUS WebStorage to give you the convenience of easy online storage, sharing, and syncing of everything from business presentations to photo albums and favorite multimedia content. The ASUS MyBitCast app lets you easily sync your content to multiple devices and accounts simultaneously.

      • Sync and share the easy way

        ASUS WebStorage means your personal stuff is always with you on any internet-connected device — be it a notebook, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Keep files in sync automatically, share photos and video online with family and friends, and save valuable onboard storage space by streaming music and movies wirelessly. ASUS G56 comes with free WebStorage space and you can add more at any time.

      • Faster networking for online gaming

        ROG G series notebooks represent the pinnacle of gaming control, cooling and performance. The latest 4th generation Intel® Core processors, intelligent airflow design, backlit keyboards with clustered directional keys and designs inspired by the low-profile lines of sleek stealth aircraft create an incredible combination – and formidable gaming notebooks.

      • Accessories

        ROG PC Gaming Accessories

        Maximize your game with Republic of Gamers accessories. Grab your GX gaming mouse, throw it in your durable ROG backpack along with your G series notebook, and then hit the road to a friends' house, LAN event or anywhere on your travels. ROG Accessories empower your everyday gaming with the right features, best precision and the quality you expect.

      • ROG GX1000 ‘Eagle Eye'
        Gaming Mouse

        The ROG GX1000 gaming mouse was crafted with its high precision laser sensors capable of up to 8200dpi, and PTFE feet for effortless surface gliding for only one purpose: attain gaming superiority. The ergonomic ROG GX1000 gives you the best hand comfort to stop fatigue and the instant customizable dpi switching and indication, plus six programmable macros, are at your fingertips.

      • ROG Nomad Laptop Backpack

        ROG Nomad is a backpack that's truly built for gamers. Lightweight, rugged and stylish, the Nomad can carry up to a 17-inch notebook, while its internal suspension system keeps your precious cargo safe when you're on the move. Generous shoulder padding lets you carry a heavy pack in comfort, but you won't work up a sweat before you get your game on thanks to its ventilated design.

      • ROG Orion PRO gaming headset

        ROG Orion PRO gaming headset has been designed for win-focused gamers. Their 50mm neodymium drivers are fine-tuned to produce high quality, dynamic audio positioning while large 100mm over-ear cushions generate greater comfort over prolonged gaming sessions. Orion PRO offers gamers the exclusive ROG Spitfire USB audio processor, which features one-click FPS EQ, 7.1 virtual surround, and headphone amplifier modes.