City-sized performance goes compact!

    • Smaller than an A4 page with an 11.6” screen
    • Just 1.5Kg in weight – totally portable!
    • Standard voltage Intel® 3rd gen Core™ processors mean no compromises
    • All-day computing with 8-hour battery life
    • Twin USB 3.0 and USB Charger+ for fast mobile device recharging

    * *Actual battery life and standby time may vary by model and specific usage conditions

      Product Image
      U24A-Stylish front to back

      Spectacularly capable

      As the first ever 11.6” notebook with standard voltage Intel® Core™ processors, the U24A reaches new heights of performance while boasting a footprint smaller than an A4 page. It’s super-slim and weighs just 1.5Kg so mobility is a natural given, allowing you to carry great power on all your urban adventures – make the city yours and never feel tied down thanks to stylish compact design.

      Small wonder

      Looks can be surprising! The U24A is tiny, but don’t let that fool you. Under the hood you get up to 3rd gen Intel® Core™ i3-3110M or i5-3210M processors with full standard voltage power. That’s another world’s first from ASUS. Powerful processing translates into silky-smooth productivity, multitasking, and multimedia. Usually you’d need a much bigger and heavier notebook for that kind of output, but the U24A challenges the norm, even swinging a big 284mm seamless keyboard for easy typing in its modest form factor.

      Styling it front to back

      The city lives with color and texture, so your notebook needs to match that vibe. The U24A comes in flame red and cool blue color schemes, also unique in its segment. For that texture you’re craving, ASUS fabrication techniques mean an intricate matte hairline finish that’s durable to resist damage, fingerprint smudges, and dust while looking absolutely ravishing.

      Styling it front to back

      Efficiently smart

      Exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology oversees energy consumption to keep your range extended and prevent awkward empty-battery moments. The U24A pulls an impressive 8-hour battery life, quite a feat for a notebook this compact. That’s true unplugged computing for you, and added freedom to do your thing. You also get smartphone-like 2-second instant on and up to a massive two weeks of standby, plus auto data backup if the battery drops to 5% or less. Amazing what technology can achieve these days!

      Quick to charge

      ASUS knows you want speed, so there are two USB 3.0 ports working up to ten times faster than USB 2.0. It doesn’t stop there, though: the U24A includes USB Charger+, with a powered USB 3.0 port that recharges your mobile devices in a fraction of the time it would take using regular USB ports. Fast device charging keeps more of your tech going, saving you time and energy. Plus, this works even with the notebook turned off using reserve battery power: talk about efficiency!