Hyper Express

    Hyper Express

    The world's first 10Gbit/s SATA Express device!

    • Perfectly matches ASUS motherboards with SATA Express
    • High-performance M.2 or mSATA SSDs are supported for maximum flexibility
    • High-quality steel construction with SATA Express cable included
    • Installs quickly and easily into a standard 3.5 inch drive bay

      The world’s first 10Gbit/s SATA Express device!

      ASUS Hyper Express is the high-performance SATA Express enclosure that outpaces 6Gbit/s SATA III, giving you 10Gbit/s transfer speeds. Simply plug in two M.2 or two mSATA SSDs*, attach the included SATA Express cable, select Super Speed mode, and enjoy the ultimate RAID 0 performance quickly and easily perfect for performance addicts!

      Two Hyper Express modes:
      • Normal mode (AHCI): Install M.2 and mSATA SSDs side by side, and use them as distinct devices.
      • Super Speed mode (RAID 0): Stripe your data across two M.2 or two mSATA SSDs for the ultimate performance.

      • *Support SATA mode M.2 or mSATA SSD only.

      Recommended Configurations:

      Use either two M.2 or two mSATA SSDs of the same type for the best compatibility and performance.


      Hyper Express is easily installed into a standard 3.5-inch drive bay, enabling you to keep your desk neat and tidy. Just slide it into place, secure with the supplied screws and connect the 2-pin front-panel LED cable. When the LED on your case lights up, Hyper Express is installed successfully and ready to go!