NFC EXPRESS 2 & Wireless Charger

    NFC EXPRESS 2 & Wireless Charger

    Tap to control your PC and charge up with ease!

    • WPC Qi 1.1-certified wireless charging device
    • Video-to-go: Tap to pick up movie clips from your PC, from right where you left them!
    • Bluetooth Pairing: Auto pairing with your PC and play music stored in your smart devices!
    • Tap to log in to your PC – no typing required!
    • Elegant design with two extra USB 3.0 ports

      Tap to control your PC


      With NFC Express 2, everything is simple, wireless and on-the-go. A single tap to log in your PC quickly and launch your frequently-used applications all at once. After a long day outside, you can back up all photos by touching your smart devices* to the box. You can even tap to stream your movie from desktop to your mobile device – just like that. NFC Express 2 even includes two USB 3.0 ports to extend your connectivity!

      *To support the functions, please use a NFC-enabled device

      Video goes wherever you are


      Tap to pick up movie clips from your PC, from right where you left them!

      Quick log-in without typing

      Windows 8 Login

      With one touch, you can log in to Windows 8 without having to remember your password!

      Launch multiple favorite apps at once

      Quick Launch

      Code favorite applications, games, and websites to your bundled tag and get them going with a quick touch on NFC Express 2. This is perfect for launching the content you access most frequently with shorter load times. In addition to the bundled tag, setup multiple quick launch functions on your smart device, which acts as a virtual tag.

      Automatically backup photos and videos

      Photo Express

      Cable-free! Transfer photos and videos from smart devices to PC with a tap, and intelligently backup all photos and videos added since last sync.

      Enabling remote desktop without further setup

      Remote Desktop

      Working with smart devices, NFC Express 2 allows you to use Remote Desktop with no complicated setup. Sit back and relax and control your desktop PC from the comfort of your living room or anywhere else at home.

      Music in the phone, play on the PC

      Bluetooth Pairing

      Auto pairing with your PC and play music stored in your smart devices through your PC speaker for instant audio enjoyment!

      Put it down and power it up

      Wireless Charger

      Power your smart device simply by placing it down on your ASUS Wireless Charger. It is easy, it is elegant — and it means you're always charged and ready to go!

      How do I charge my device with the Wireless Charger?

      ASUS Wireless Charger station can only charge Qi-certified devices. If your device does not have a built-in Qi wireless charging receiver, you will need to purchase a Qi-compatible accessory* for your device in order to charge it with the ASUS Wireless Charger.

      Qi-compatible accessories:

      * A Qi-compatible accessory is not included. Device compatibility depends on the design of the device's charging receiver.
      * Wireless charging receiver accessories for Apple devices should comply with Apple product certification


      Wireless charger
      receiver case

      Wireless charger
      receiver pad

      Compatible models
      Full Function
      Z97 Z97-DELUXE(NFC & WLC)
      Z97-PRO(Wi-Fi ac)