Pocket-sized USB-powered soundcard with built-in headphone amplifier and studio-grade effects

  • Built-in headphone amplifier for deeper bass and clear, distinct sounds
  • Four pre-set master profiles and studio-grade sound effects
  • Digital signal processor for real-time microphone input
  • Mix vocals and music tracks easily with Stereo Mix
  • DJ Mix features a ducking effect that automatically reduces (‘ducks’) the volume of a background audio track when vocals are present
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    Pocket Size. Incredible sound.

    ASUS Xonar U3 Plus is a pocket-sized USB-powered soundcard that gives you a 150-ohm headphone amplifier, studio-grade vocal effects, and a full suite of audio enhancements on your PC or notebook. Enjoy recording studio-quality high-fidelity audio playback and vocal recording right in your home.

    Integrated headphone amplifier for immersive sound

    Xonar U3 Plus has a high-performance headphone amplifier with adjustable gain levels that can drive up to 150ohm-impedance headphones and headsets. It enhances treble and bass to add dynamic details to low and high frequency sounds like explosions and footsteps to give you an immersive gaming or movie-viewing experience.

    Pocket-sized USB device that delivers true studio-grade vocal effects

    Despite its small size, Xonar U3 Plus features a host of studio-grade vocal effects including a dedicated 10-band equalizer, precision low- and high- frequency filters, as well as reverb adjustment to add a sense of environmental space.

    • EQ: Customizable 10-band equalizer
    • Low- and high-frequency filters: For precise tuning across different frequencies
    • Reverb: Reverb adjustment to add a sense of environmental space
    • DJ Mix: Features a ducking effect that automatically reduces (‘ducks’) the volume of the audio track in the background when vocals are present, allowing you to record professional-sounding podcasts.
    • Stereo Mix: Mix vocals and tracks easily. Record your own vocals and cover your favorite song.

    Four pre-set master profiles at your fingertips

    Xonar U3 Plus also features four pre-set audio modes (Rock, Rock Pro, Ballad and Ballad Pro) that have been specially-tuned and calibrated by Xonar engineers, so whether you’re into hard rock or soft love ballads, you’ll hear your favorite tunes the way they were intended to be heard.

    Sing like a pro via smart studio-grade audio tools

    Xonar U3 Plus gives you easy access to professional-grade karaoke features, so anyone can be a superstar!

    • Key shifting: Easily modify the pitch of any stereo content
    • Vocal cancellation: Remove vocals and leave the original backing track – cover your favorite song and make it yours
    • Stereo Mix: Mix vocals and tracks easily
    • Easy import/export presets: Great music needs to be shared – create your masterpiece and share them with family and friends
    • Instant hotkeys: Set up your own shortcuts in the Windows toolbar

    Always on the beat. Real time microphone input

    Xonar U3 Plus gives you real-time microphone audio recording thanks to a digital signal processor (DSP) that provides extremely-low microphone latency.

    Removable Cover

    Attached to the Xonar U3 Plus so you won’t lose it

    A handy split ring

    Attach it to your key-ring or lanyard

    Blue LED Ligh

    A blue light indicator illuminates when Xonar
    U3 Plus is active