[LCD Monitor] What is Low Blue Light Technology?

Low Blue Light Technology reduces the blue-light component emitted by your LCD monitor.


You can choose Blue Light Filter from level 1- 4 for the best eye care experience.

Note: Each model may have different button or OSD menu arrangement, please check the correct spec from the user manual.


Level 1 (Web browsing)

Perfect for online shopping while viewing the objects on webpage with the exact color without color shift


Level 2 (Multimedia)

Suggest for Multimedia Mode to ensure video/music performance under eye care protection


Level 3 (Reading)

By reducing blue light simulating paperback reading experience provide the suitable comfort reading environment


Level 4 (Darkroom)

Pre-adjusting the blue light level to find a pleasure viewing atmosphere for eye comfort



It is also adopted in 2 of the pre-set modes in SplendidPlus Technology. These two modes are Reading Mode and Darkroom Mode.