[IFTTT] Which ASUS router models support IFTTT?

Support router models:

Blue Cave, 
Lyra, Lyra Mini, Lyra Trio, Lyra Voice, 
RT-AC3100, RT-AC5300, RT-AC88U, 
RT-AX56U, RT-AX58U, RT-AX88U, RT-AX92U, 
GT-AC2900, GT-AC5300, GT-AX11000, 
ZenWiFi CT8, ZenWiFi XT8.
TUF-AX3000 (Not:TUF-AX3000_V2 doesn't support IFTTT)


Update your firmware regularly to get the latest updates for your router. 

For the information of how to upgrade firmware, please refer to How to update the firmware of your router to the latest version ?


How to get the (Utility / Firmware)?

You can download the latest drivers, software, firmware and user manuals in the ASUS Download Center

If you need more information about the ASUS Download Center, please refer this link.