Why Use a Video Wall?
Video walls give your message a bold visual impact that cannot be matched by traditional static printed displays.
Cost-effective & eco-friendly
By eliminating future print costs, the one-time investment in a video wall is not only cost-effective, but is also an eco-friendly solution.
Flexible content
Instantly update content, add real-time elements, offers new flexibility for crafting your company messages and allows instant updates.
Engages customers
Eye-catching multimedia content can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your communication.

Ultra-slim Bezels for an Unbroken View
ST Series displays features ultra-narrow bezels that are a less than 5.5mm wide. This enables multi-screen configurations with images free from the distracting jigsaw-like effect caused by wide bezels.
With no distracting bezels, multi-screen arrays of different-sized displays can be tiled in creative shapes, giving content designers more options to create compelling visuals. Digital signage as retail art can totally redefine the viewer experience.
Selectable Brightness Levels for More Flexible Location Option
The brightness of ST Series displays is user-selectable at 800nits and 700nits. This allows them to be configured for use in different lighting environments. For the best results, we recommend ST Series displays are installed in an indoor public space, such as a lobby, atrium or plaza.

Network Connectivity for Remote Control Support
The ST Series has a standard RJ45 network connector that allows you to deploy LAN-based network management and remote control tools. It also allows content to be synced and managed from a PC, laptop or server-based application, with support for real-time messaging or content changes. Video wall configurations can also be managed, for example expanding content from a single display to adjoining displays.

Industrial-quality Panel Ensures 24/7 Operation
ST Series displays can operate continuously for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the industrial-quality LCD display modules, which is different from consumer – grade flat TV that is built to run all day and every day. This provides greater durability and uninterrupted content delivery, and makes them the ideal solution where continuous operation and reliability are demanded.
Exclusive Support for Both Vertical and Horizontal Placement
The ST Series have wide 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angles without color shift. Viewers seeing the screen from different angles and directions are all able to experience the same vivid colors and consistent brightness levels, with no image distortion or degradation. It allows you to create content in either portrait or landscape mode.
Full Connectivity for a Flexible Choice of Signal Source
The ST Series includes a DisplayPort input, which is a high-bandwidth video-plus-audio interface that can transmit the signal over up to 15m cable runs. It delivers higher performance than any other digital interface, providing access to wider range of digital content. HDMI, DVI-D, D-Sub and BNC connectors are also included for comprehensive compatibility with a wide range of signal sources.

  ST467 ST558
Diagonal 46-inch 55-inch
Brightness(Max.) 700 cd/㎡ 800 cd/㎡
Resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD 1920 x 1080 Full HD
24/7 Operation Yes Yes
DisplayPort Supports Yes Yes
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